Part of the reason people choose to live in a small town is the sense of living in a community where people know each other and treat each other as neighbors. Galt is no exception to that small town description.

In Galt, much of that small town feeling is brought about by the many people who practice the character trait respect on a daily basis.

In fact, respect is such an endearing value to our community that it was chosen as one of six character traits to hold up and celebrate each year. In our schools and throughout our community, respect is taught and practiced. The Galt Community of Character Coalition has set aside the months of May and June each year for particular focus on the character trait respect.

The dictionary definition of respect is admiration felt toward a person or living thing that has good qualities or achievements. Respect involves high opinion, esteem, value, reverence and regard. The opposite of respect is disrespect, disregard and contempt. In our small town and community, where we all value our quality of life, let us all do our part to make respect a part of the daily life and tone of our community.

There are times in our lives when almost everyone is involved in a situation in which we feel disrespected. It may result from a mean look or cruel comment. Immediately, we feel hurt. We may feel we are being treated unfairly. We are being marginalized. We are made to feel “less than” what we know we are.

Disrespect is a powerful tool. But, respect is more powerful.

When we have an attitude of respect toward others, we hold a tool that can bring a powerfully calming influence on the most heated situation. Respect opens doors to friendship and trust. Respect allows space for tolerance and compassion. Respect allows us to see things from our neighbor’s perspective. When we think of persons who are able to promote peace – whether it is in our families, in our job sites, in our schools, or at higher levels, we find people who exemplify respect. Those who practice respect for others are able to be peacemakers in our daily lives.

Perhaps you know someone in our community who is a great model of respect. The Galt Community of Character Coalition is looking for individuals, groups or organizations that are deserving of recognition for the great examples they set in their daily lives. Please take the time to nominate an individual or group that is deserving of the Galt Character Award for respect for 2019. Please use the above form, or email the information with details to Barbara Payne, president of the Galt Community of Character Committee, Be sure to include the following information: name, address and phone number of your nominee.

Write a brief explanation of how this person, group or organization demonstrates respect. Give examples if possible. Also, give us your name, address, phone number and email.

Deadline for nomination is June 30.