Five generations

Keeping the traditions alive in Galt, the Leal family celebrates the gathering of five generations, an event celebrated in August 1994 and again more recently. The latest event shows the loss of one generation only to be picked up by the next. In photo left is the 1994 gathering, featuring family patriarch Jack Leal and 4-month-old Alexis Caballero. Pictured left to right are Alexis’ grandmother, Madeline Leal-Holden; her great-great-grandfather, Jack, her great-grandfather, Harold Leal; and her mother, Priscilla Mooney (holding Alexis). In photo right, matriarch Beth Leal and four-month-old Madden Caballero span the five generations today. Pictured left to right are Madden’s great-grandmother Madeline Leal-Holden, great-great-grandmother Beth Leal, mom Alexis Caballero and grandmother Priscilla Azua (holding Madden).