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After her first daughter was born, Casey Quist was a dedicated stay at home mom. But as her kids got older, she decided it was time to bring her career into focus, and that’s exactly what she did. Motivated by the lessons she learned from teachers like Mr. Floyd, Mr. Tosta, and others at Galt High School, she picked up her camera and founded East Bay Photography. Before long, she discovered boudoir photography, started a second business, and hasn’t looked back.

Quist graduated from Galt High School in 2006, having been a member of Art Club and the Computer Repair Team, and participating in swim, wood shop and journalism. She went on to study art at Maric College (now Kaplan College) and married her husband in 2008.

In 2014, Quist put her artistic eye to the test and started East Bay Photography.

“I shot as many people as I could, for free or as cheap as possible, until I felt that I really knew exactly what I was doing behind the camera,” she said. “I shot over three million photos in my first two years.”

This trial and error approach – paired with a strict self-implemented regimen of studying photography online – proved to be a winning approach, and she enjoyed working with clients on high school senior, family, maternity and wedding shoots.

It wasn’t until a friend requested a boudoir shoot in 2017 that she discovered her passion for boudoir. She founded Boudoir by Casey later that year and hopes that her work can help improve the way women feel about their bodies and show them the beauty behind every body type, stretchmark, scar and curve.

“Boudoir photography is less about capturing and preserving specific memories or moments in time than most other types of photography. For me, boudoir photography is about showing women the beauty they cannot see for themselves,” Quist said. “My team and I help them look their very best, and then capture incredible photos of them and show them, so that they can finally see themselves the way their husbands do, their friends do, their family does and, even more so, how I see them. I can change any woman’s mind about herself. She will come to me thinking she’s not attractive enough to allow herself to feel confident. And by the time she leaves, she will feel like she just met another version of herself she never knew existed. She has either never seen herself in that light, or never allowed herself to be seen in that light.”

Quist takes a service-based approach when it comes to curating her clients’ boudoir experience. This means creating a comfortable environment for the shoot and providing her clients with everything they might need, from snacks and drinks (alcoholic or not) to hair, makeup, jewelry, lingerie and other props and accessories for the shoot.

“I just want women to feel comfortable and welcomed by myself and my team, and know that we are in this for them,” she said. “I genuinely love what I do because of the impact I have seen in women’s lives. I love seeing women fall in love with themselves.”

Quist is enjoying how many lives she is able to touch on a regular basis with this job, and she now exclusively shoots boudoir.

“I specially and specifically work in boudoir,” she said. “Heart surgeons don’t spend their time operating on ingrown toenails if they don’t have to. They practice what they want to be the best at as often as possible – heart surgery, I’m assuming.”

She hopes to continue to hone her craft, providing clients with images that boost their self-esteem and push back against the toxic impact of social media and the almost unavoidable desire to constantly compare oneself. In the future, she would like to expand the business to multiple locations and be the best of the best boudoir photographers.

“To me,” Quist said, “success is when a woman refers me to her friends and family because she had a life-changing experience with me and my team.”

When not working a 14-hour shoot day, Quist can usually be found enjoying time with her kids and husband or managing her business from behind the scene.