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Whoever thinks school activities won’t have much of a lasting effect on life after high school has never met Alicia Carter. As a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB) all four years of high school, her freshman year at Galt High School and then sophomore through senior years at Liberty Ranch, she not only helped shaped LRHS’s identity as a new high school, but also her own future.

“My time at LRHS helped shape my career, mainly from my time in Leadership [and] ASB,” she said. “I was involved in planning and executing our rallies, organizing events, spirit weeks, etc. In my current role, I am an event manager, so event planning, leadership, being a team player, staying organized and learning to time manage are all a part of my day-to-day. Mrs. Dennis, the LRHS activities director, helped me to learn and grow in all of these areas over my time in ASB at LRHS.”

Carter was a member of the 2012 inaugural graduating class at LRHS and went on to study at Vanguard University in Southern California. Before graduating with her degree in communication studies with an emphasis in interpersonal communication, she was involved in student government at Vanguard University, serving as sophomore class president, all school program director and commuter assistant.

During college, Carter also held an internship with To Media Co., a public relations company, where she focused on growing databases, reaching new clients and creating social media campaigns. She continued to work there for six months after graduation and then was hired on at Geraci Law Firm as a marketing assistant in charge of email and social media campaigns, content creation, lead generation, and online webinar sessions, among other responsibilities. She worked her way up the ranks of the new marketing department, working as marketing coordinator and then promoting to her current role as event manager.

“I fully transitioned out of marketing and into Geraci Media, where I plan and execute five corporate conferences a year,” she said. “As event manager, I prepare all aspects of our event. I also … oversee a team that helps execute all aspects of the event on-site. With that, I also emcee the events as well.”

Originally, exclusively a law firm, the dynamics of Geraci LLP can be a bit confusing. When Carter was first brought on, Geraci Law Firm was just beginning to branch out into the media sphere. Launching Geraci Media in the last year and a half, the company rebranded as Geraci LLP.

“Geraci Media puts on corporate events, offers media services to clients [like] pitch decks, logo design, website design, etc., and has a monthly online and print magazine,” Carter explained. “Our company is very forward thinking and is always looking for the next way to get ahead in our industry. That is why we have a media company that provides services to the clients of the law firm. Everything works together as one unit to ultimately add value in as many ways as possible to all of our clients.”

Carter’s job requires her to travel frequently, and attend industry and event planning events several times a year to stay up to date on relevant trends and offer clients the most value for their time. Every day looks different, from communication with clients and event sponsors to team meetings and logistical planning for upcoming events.

“With event planning specifically, you can clearly see whether the event was a ‘success’ or not; however, even if things may go wrong, you can still find success in small victories throughout the journey as well,” she said.

Away from the office, Carter enjoys being outdoors, taking advantage of the beach, hiking, and biking opportunities of Southern California. But, when it comes to career goals, she prefers to keep her options open.

“Success to me is seeing all of your hard work that you put in finally pay off. I started as a marketing assistant and quickly moved to a position as a manager in a commercial real estate law firm in one of the busiest cities in Southern California, all before I’m 25,” she said. “I don’t have a five- or 10-year plan at the moment. My career goals right now are to just continue to grow in my role as a leader and to continue to set personal goals for myself that can help me become stronger, wiser and more well-rounded each day.”