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Some people figured out early what they want to do in life, devise a plan, and stick to it. This was the case with 2012 Liberty Ranch High School grad Lindsey Firestone who has stood by her goal of being a massage therapist and is working toward having her own business.

“While in high school, and possibly even before I kind of knew that massage was what I wanted to do,” she said, “I was always able to feel knots in people’s backs and shoulders.”

During high school, Firestone played flute in the combined GHS/LRHS band, performing at football games and marching in parades. She also played varsity tennis all four years of high school. And it was during her time at LRHS that her career path began to come into focus. A guest speaker from Carrington College came to speak with her economy class about trade schools, and it was then that she realized that might be the best way to reach her goal.

After graduating, Firestone enrolled in an accreditation program at National Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy. She completed the 900-hour program in October 2015 and went on to earn an extra 450-hour accreditation in May 2016.

“I learned anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, as well as a lot of different massage techniques used in Eastern and Western type massages. [I] had a few other classes like traditional Chinese Medicine, a few business and morality classes, and pathology classes,” she said.

Firestone has worked at several spas, including Massage Envy, The Spa, Simply Skin, Backs in Motion, and now The Spa at Wine & Roses, and each one has widened her understanding of massage and helped her get a step closer to her end goal of owning her own spa.

“Wine and Roses is basically the creme de la creme of massage jobs, apart from owning your own business,” she said. “Now, I work there 4-5 days a week, seeing up to four guests a day. All of my coworkers are lovely; however, there isn’t much neuromuscular work to be done. So, I wanted something a little different. I decided to venture out on my own part-time.”

She is currently building up her own clientele, who she works with at a shared studio near downtown Lodi. And what some might seem as drawbacks to running her own business, she sees as rewarding and enjoys being self-sufficient.

“Being a massage therapist has honestly added so much to my life. I have learned how to better talk to people, medically as well as just socially. I was never really a social person before I started this journey, and now, honestly, I feel like I can talk to anyone about anything, no matter where I go,” Firestone said. “It is also amazing to help facilitate people’s healing. I specialize in pain and injury management, and the relief I can bring to people is honestly just magical. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Her goal for the future is to strike out on her own fulltime and not be reliant on working at spas other than her own.

“I think that it is great that people in our generation are motivated to own and operate their own businesses. I am glad that’s the way I chose to go. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss and set their own hours?” she said. “I come from a home that owns and operates a business, so maybe it’s in my blood.”

Firestone is currently accepting new clients as she continues to see her business grow. You can book a massage by contacting her at lindseyfirestoneMT@gmail.com or find her on Instagram at FirestoneBodyworks.