Freshman hazing was a rite of passage for many 14-year-olds entering high school. What happened to the newest members of the student body depended on who was doing the hazing. The 1918 Galt High School yearbook mentioned the Senior Class conducting the freshmen through many initiations and jokes at the expense of the “Freshies.” In 1935, the upperclassmen gave the freshmen their “first degree in initiation. Can those Freshies take it?” In 1949, freshmen hazing continued for Arlene “Ikey” May (left) and Donna Marengo (right). If this is all that happened, they got off lightly. Today’s freshmen no longer must worry about hazing or initiations. They’ve been eliminated by the high schools because of things getting out of control that have resulted in injuries and even death. The days of innocent traditions and fun are long gone.