“First Twin Cities Getherin”

We don’t know what the “First Twin Cities Getherin” was or why it was held. It was an interesting mix of local clergy, businessmen, government officials and a few friends. The meeting was held at the Volaski and Isabelle Quiggle Ranch on July 4, 1910. Joining the Quiggles were Judge Silas T. Merrill (under the flag), local rancher Matilda Compton, Methodist minister Eperson Robert Fulkerson and his wife Anna, a Reverend Black, local real estate agent Bernhard Marks, and another clergyman Father Thompson. There were a few others with unknown backgrounds like Ella Martin and Ed Bowen. The Quiggle’s daughter, Maude “Bunty” Quiggle Warren, took the photograph. The original Quiggle house still exists.