Pizza Palace

Mention the Pizza Palace to any long time Galtonian, and you‘ll get smiles and some reminiscing. Opened in Fall 1968, the Pizza Palace was the dream of Esther Robson, the one-time owner of the Pizza Bank on the corner of Fourth and C streets. Besides pizza, the Pizza Palace was known for Mary Brookin’s clam chowder and “pee wees”, small deep-fried calzones. A 16” pizza cost $3.65, and the pee wee special (with a soda) cost $1.25. Esther had the ovens installed in the front window, so passers-by could see her hand rolling the dough and then baking her pizzas. The first night was an adventure as it was Galt High’s Football Homecoming, no liquor license, and a rush for 200 pizzas. Esther sold the Pizza Palace to Al Fink in 1971. Pictured is Esther’s son Joe Farren and her husband Norman.