Rail crossroads

A photo from around 1920 shows the point east of Galt where two railroad lines cross. The north/south line is the Central California Traction Company (CCT Co) that operated from 1910 to 1998. The east/west line is the Amador Branch of the Southern Pacific Railroad (now Union Pacific) that opened in 1876 and still operates on a limited basis. In 1911, Volaski “Lack” Quiggle bought two lots from the Central California Traction Company that ran by his property. On one side of the tracks, he built a store, and on the other side, he built a small depot. They needed a name for the depot, so they took the first syllable of each CCT Co. owner’s names, Herbert Fleishaker and Alden Anderson, and came up with Herald. Another small depot serviced trains using the Amador line in the same area. The rail lines still cross, but the depots are long gone.