James Ferguson

Like a lot of early citizens of Galt, James Ferguson found the allure of gold too tempting. Arriving in California in 1851, Ferguson tried his hand at mining in Calaveras County. When that didn’t “pan out,” he worked on farms in Stockton and Santa Clara County. Ferguson relocated to Galt in 1876, where he plied his talents as a carpenter. Three of the houses he built still exist on 3rd Street and rumor has it that he helped build the Congregational (Episcopal) Church, where he attended for the rest of his life. He was the founder of the first Sunday school in Galt and a deacon at his church. James Ferguson and his wife Mary had seven children; two of those were well known in the Galt community. Thomas Ferguson owned a lumberyard on A Street, and Maude Ferguson Ritz worked in the Post Office for years.