Laying the cornerstone of Galt’s third high school is Galt Masonic Lodge # 267. The Freemasons date back to the Middle Ages and referred to highly skilled stonemasons but eventually became a fraternity that also accepted others. The first “Grand Lodge” of Free and Accepted Masons was established in 1717 in London followed by the first American Grand Lodge in Boston in 1733. With the California Gold Rush, Masonic Lodges were first established in Mother Lode towns and then became fixtures elsewhere in the state. Galt Lodge #267 was established in 1882 and had their meetings in the Oddfellow’s Hall. Because of the background of the Freemasons, they are usually tasked with the laying of cornerstones, the ceremonial first stone set in a masonry foundation. The ceremony in the photo took place on March 12, 1927. Galt no longer has a Masonic Lodge because of lack of attendance. They merged with the Woodbridge Lodge #131 in 1993.