Quiggle House

This nondescript little building still exists on the original property and was built over 140 years ago. The very first residence of Volaski “Lac” Quiggle was built around 1875 and sat within eyesight of Quiggle’s Herald Store. Native Ohioan Lac Quiggle and his wife Isabella purchased 320 acres of land near what is now Herald in 1875. In 1911, Quiggle bought two lots from the Central California Traction Company (CCT) who had just constructed a passenger line that ran from Stockton to Sacramento and was near his property. On one side of the tracks, he built a store, and on the other side he built a small depot.  They needed a name for the stop, so they took the first syllable of each CCT owner’s first names, Herbert Fleishaker and Alden Anderson, and came up with Herald. The property is no longer in the Quiggle family.