Brooke Beckett

Galt High School teacher Brooke Beckett is the SEVA Teacher of the Week.

Brooke Beckett, Galt High’s media teacher, continues to inspire her students to aim higher while learning the technical aspects of media film production. Last week, her success in the classroom was recognized by Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium (SECC) and their Student Educational Video Awards (SEVA) with the Teacher of the Week Award. SEVA further honored her by creating a YouTube video complete with three of her students’ comments.

“Brooke uses her teaching to show students how to express themselves, while simultaneously showing them the real-world applications of media and instilling universal skills,” said SEVA in a press release. “Ms. Beckett’s talents were recognized by her district when they selected her to receive the 2018 Teacher of the Year Award. Ms. Beckett also has the great ability of recognizing her students’ talents and pulls that out so each student can truly shine.”

Trevor Mention, her student in the video, called her “amazing.”

“(She’s) the best teacher I’ve ever had,” Mention said. “I really like the trust that we have.”

Student Eriberto Martinez Vivar said Beckett helps everyone in class to succeed.

“There’s not a single person she misses,” Eriberto said.

Student David Cabrera said Beckett has helped him understand both the technical aspects of media production in a way he can apply to his work.

Galt High Principal Kellie Beck said she continues to admire Beckett’s tenacity as a teacher.

“She continues to be one of the best educators I have been around in my 20 years at GJUHSD,” Beck said. “She empowers students by providing them opportunities to be successful and holds them to high standards that she knows they can meet. She is an asset to our district.”

SEVA said the proof of Beckett’s influence is in the video products her students create.

“Ms. Beckett always pushes her students to higher levels of rigor, which shows each year in the video her students submit to the SEVAs,” the press release said. “When talking to her students, it is clear that they have a passion for media and that the driving force behind that passion is Ms. Beckett. Thank you, Ms. Beckett, for continuing to represent what the SEVAs are all about and for helping show students just how amazing media can be!”

According to SECC’s website, its “mission is to provide quality educational resources to learners of all ages in the greater Sacramento community, primarily through video and other information and communication technologies via cable systems and networks. SECC is a collaborative effort of the K-20 education community, all working together toward this mission.”