Dycora resident

A Dycora resident chats with a loved one over the phone while seeing each other through the glass entryway.

The F Street senior care facility Dycora, formerly the Golden Living Center, is keeping its residents healthy by restricting visitors, according to CEO Julianne Williams who oversees 11 senior facilities for Dycora. She said their health and safety is the number one priority.

“We have activities for them all day,” Williams said. “Of course, it’s with social distancing. No one on our staff or even a resident has become ill with the virus. We’ve been very blessed with that.”

While family may not enter the facility, they may “face time” with their loved ones and, of course, speak on the phone. The large glass entryway is perfect for family to stand outside and see their loved one while talking on the phone.

“They’re making the best of the situation,” Williams said. “Our residents are very cooperative and thankful that we’re keeping them safe.”

Executive Director Rebecca Forrest said her staff has done a great job keeping the residents happy and the facilities clean.

Dycora Social Worker Elsa Ramirez has worked at the Galt facility for over 20 years and is about to finish her nursing degree. She is also a Galt resident. She explained that caregivers at Dycora are spending more time with residents to keep them assured and interacting.

“Most residents are very understanding of what is going on in the community and what we are doing,” Ramirez said. “We are providing activities that they can do in their rooms by themselves or with their roommate. We continue to have activity programs with smaller groups of residents, 4-5 at time, while still practicing social distancing. We encourage them to continue visiting with family through Face Time or via phone calls.”

Ramirez said, at first, families were a bit of a challenge to accept no-visiting rules but have come to understand the importance of stopping the virus through casual contact.

Concerning personal protection equipment (PPEs), Ramirez said staff is careful with supplies, trying not to deplete them.

“I know we welcome any assistance from our community,” Ramirez said.