Esther Lepisto, resident at Dycora Trnasitional Health & Living here in Galt, celebrates her 104th birthday on Friday, May 15.

Last Friday, May 15 marked 104 years of living for Esther Lepisto, a resident at Dycora Transitional Health & Living here in Galt. A reverse parade was planned, complete with banners and balloons and even was attended by Sacramento’s Good Day Sacramento.

Activities Director Leann Morales interviewed Esther on her life.

Morales asked what Esther’s secret was to a long life.

“Having a strong faith in God,” she replied.

Esther grew up on a dairy farm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She said she and her siblings worked hard as children.

“As the oldest daughter, I had a lot of responsibilities to help with my younger brothers and sisters,” Esther said, “and I helped to milk the cows both morning and night.”

Her parents taught her to “always do the right thing” and imparted a solid faith in God.

“I believe that’s why I have lived so long,” Esther said.

She said some of her happiest early memories were visiting her grandmother. Esther said her greatest achievement was raising her three daughters and her son.

Esther was a newlywed during the Great Depression and experienced a lot of illness shortly after they were married. She said it was a huge struggle during those times but her worst experience came 50 years ago when she lost her husband.

Her advice to younger people is, “Life is too short not to do what you enjoy and be happy.”