Glance Back 1

A light plane that crashed in a Galt field in 1982

May 22, 1942

At the election of trustees of the Galt Joint Union Elementary and the Galt Joint Union High School districts, the voters re-elected Mr. William McEnerney on the elementary board, and Mr. Egbert Morse and Mrs. Robert Nichols were retained on the high school board all for three-year terms. In the Twin Cities district, Mrs. Gevock supersedes Mr. George Stamp.

• • •

Pvt. Rudy Boessow visited relatives and friends in Galt during a furlough last weekend. He arrived in Galt from Salinas on Friday and returned there on Sunday.

May 23, 1952

The Galt High School $295,000 bond issue failed to pass by the necessary two-thirds vote at Friday’s election; however, a measure to raise the school tax rate from its present 75 cents per $100 of valuation to $1 was passed. It needed only a majority.

• • •

The Thornton Blue Birds took part in the Camp Fire and Blue Bird exhibit last Saturday in Lodi. Blue ribbon winners were Vesta Sartini, Andrea Bethards, Chikako Neda, Virginia and Rosalie Sams, Karen and Judy Cheney, Patty Barber, Carolyn Burrows, Sandra Jardine, Marlene Cinquini, Deanna Calibo, Serena Lum, Theresa Valdez and Elaine Castilones.

May 24, 1962

The most popular classroom at the Fairsite School in Galt isn’t one of the elaborate modern triumphs of the educational architect’s art, although it does boast the latest in glass and steel construction. It is a 15-year-old school bus retired from active duty and put into service as a special small-size classroom early this year.

• • •

Galt Constable Herb White made quick work of a pickup truck theft yesterday morning. At 4:18 a.m., Wilton resident Walt Dillard saw someone driving out of his yard in his pickup and called White. After dressing, White drove to the Highway 99 and recovered the stolen vehicle before it crossed the county line, just 15 minutes after it was taken.

May 25, 1972

Wednesday, May 10, Maude Quiggle Proctor of Quiggle Road, Herald, was deputized as an honorary deputy constable of the Galt area by Sacramento County Sheriff Duane Lowe, making her, at 89, the oldest peace officer in the history of the sheriff’s department.

• • •

New owners of the Galt Western Auto franchise on Lincoln Way are Forrest and Grace Suess of Lodi who purchased the business from Vernon Hoff who operated the business for 18 years.

May 20, 1982

Annette McEnerney was named Miss Galt, and Kerry Liebig was named runner-up at the Miss Galt Pageant held last Saturday night at the Galt High School Auditorium. Laurie Stetson was named “Miss Congeniality,” an honor voted to the recipient by the girls themselves.

• • •

A light plane on its way from Santa Ana to Sacramento came to grief in a Galt field early Thursday morning. The pilot, Ernest Shaffer, and two passengers were not injured in the mishap. The single-engine Cessna 210 came down in a field near Live Oak Avenue, just west of Highway 99.