Beth Siegalkoff

It‘s four days before Halloween, and black cats are very much an ominous symbol of the Halloween holiday. Therefore, it is only fitting that we celebrate Black Cat Day today.

Black cats at one time were considered to be dark, evil symbols of Halloween. As the scary stories go – Witches and demons were supposedly known to be able to transform into a black cat and back again. As Halloween grew close, witches and demons may have needed to escape or get near their human victim; what better way than to temporarily transform into a black cat? Like I said, scary story.

Thus the question … Are black cats good or bad? The answer to this question depends upon where you live.

In Celtic folklore, it was believed black cats turned into fairies and back on a whim. Upon arrival to the New World, pilgrims put a twist into this belief. They believed black cats were evil and foreboding. They also believed it was really a witch or demon, not a fairy.

As a suspicious saying goes, “Never let a black cat cross your path, it will bring bad luck.”

In some European countries, people caught harboring a black cat were severely punished, and the black cats were burned alive. In Egypt, Great Britain and Japan, people have just the opposite opinion of black cats. People in these countries believed black cats brought good luck and were a good omen.

I like cats, whatever their color. I like them to live in their natural habitat (outside) so they can catch vermin and stalk after anything moving without being inhibited.

I love to hear them purr. However, I am not a fan of their hair shedding all over. We have two cats that wandered in from heaven knows where. Scared and hungry, Iris and Ned adopted us as their caretakers. They take care of the vermin, and we make sure they get water, food and give them a couple of pats and rubs when they allow us.

So, how does this weather suit you? The rain is needed, the wind just made a mess. Fortunately, we only lost one medium limb on a Maple tree. No frost on the pumpkin yet, I’m glad. I am not ready for freezing weather yet. And now it is light when I leave for work. I could whine some more but it doesn’t help.

I am thankful Daylight Saving Time will soon end and we are back to regular time. One of these days, the government will surprise us and do what we voted for – getting rid of Daylight Saving Time. Until then, we will just have to make the best of it. Stepping off the soapbox now.

Dairy Bowl is this Friday at the Galt High School stadium. Wear your red and white or green and silver, whichever team you support. I no longer need to be neutral, since I no longer have a player or cheerleader participating at Liberty Ranch, so my heart goes to Galt High. It should be a memorable game.

With Halloween just a few days away, what type of candy did you purchase to pass out to the Trick or Treaters? I guess the real question is: Did you purchase what you like to eat, or did you choose candy you don’t like so you wouldn’t eat it? We haven’t had Trick or Treaters in years, but I did purchase a candy variety bag of what my family likes, just in case a goblin or troll stops by. And then we will have to eat what is left and enjoy a sweet treat.

Dates to remember:

Oct. 29 – Dairy Bowl Football with Liberty Ranch at Galt High

Oct. 31 – Halloween

Nov. 7 – End of Daylight Saving Time – turn the clock back one hour

Nov. 11- Veterans Day

Nov. 12 – No school for Estrellita, Galt High, Liberty Ranch high schools

Nov. 22-26 – Thanksgiving break

Nov. 25 – Thanksgiving – Gobble until you wobble

Until next week – Be Strong, be courageous and make a memory.