Beth Siegalkoff

A frappe is an iced coffee that originated in France and has quickly become one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world. It’s a drink that uses a blend of coffee, water, sugar and milk to create something that is truly spectacular. The word frappe is French but the modern incarnation of it is often attributed to the Greeks who started making it using instant coffee. It’s a treat that everyone should try at least once – particularly today, National Frappe Day.

According to folklore, in 1957 in the Greece city of Thessaloniki during an International Fair, the drink was accidentally created by a distributor of Nestle products who didn’t have access to hot water, and used instant coffee, cold water, milk, chocolate mix, and the mocha frappe became an “instant” success.

In 1979, the drink was officially dubbed the frappe. Nowadays, frappes are enjoyed in an almost endless array of different flavors with or without coffee and are enjoyed all around the world.

Interesting note – in the New England region of the United States, the term Frappe (pronounced as Frap) refers to milkshakes. This makes sense because the word Frappe comes from the French word for beating or striking together.

I do believe I will be having a Mocha Frappe today to celebrate the day and the end of the heat we have been enduring.

So, did you hear? The official day for Christmas movies to start on the Hallmark channel is Friday, Oct. 23. Yep, and I am so looking forward to it. I can hear Don groaning now at the fact I will be DVRing (no, that isn’t a real word, but it works) any movie I may miss.

There have been reruns of Christmas movies off and on for a while. There are some mighty creative writers out there that come up with new twists and happy endings to those movies – just what we need at this time with a pandemic, politics, slow economy, fires, hurricanes, etc.

I think it will be a takeout dinner night, with popcorn later or maybe a popcorn ball or two (if I have time) and other sweet treats. It is going to be a good evening.

Daughter Lisa was here last Saturday for a visit and to check the show rabbits for the upcoming shows. Before she left, Don picked most of our pomegranates to give to her. Why you ask is that important? Because Lisa makes the most delicious pomegranate jelly ever! Better than my mom’s or my Aunt Beth’s.

Aunt Beth was the family baker, cook, chef, etc., and yes, I was named for my aunt and, no, I don’t even come close to cooking like her. I will say my sugar cookies will give her a run for her money.

I digress. Don picked the pomegranates before this weekend in case it ever rains and then the pomegranates will split. There are a few more left on the tree, and grandson Paul will take care to get those. Got to have some just to eat.

Too much talk about food; now I am really getting hungry.

Recipe for the day – Halloween Trail Mix; Flower of the day – Asters

Dates to remember:

Oct. 11 – Clergy Day – Let those who lead us in our faith know how much we appreciate all they do – especially in these extraordinary times.

Oct. 12 & 13 – Quarter Break - No school for the high schools

Oct. 16 – Bosses Day – Let your boss know how much they are appreciated. Sometimes it is lonely at the top and a little acknowledgment goes a long way.

Oct. 22 – Galt FFA community blood drive at the Valley Grange Hall, 347 Fifth St. from 1:30-3 p.m.

Oct. 31 – Second Full moon of October called the Hunter’s Moon and Halloween. Wow, a full moon and Halloween on the same night; memories will be made. Be safe!

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.