Beth Siegalkoff

National Weatherman’s Day honors weathermen and women who work hard to accurately predict the often-fickle local and national weather. Despite major technological advances and supercomputers, forecasting the weather can still be a tricky, and ever-changing, business.

Knowing the weather is important in so many ways; it affects how we dress, where we go and even if we go. Space launches are made or delayed depending upon the weather, and knowing the weather can save lives; the most obvious example is knowing when and where hurricanes or tornados may hit.

According to the Air Force News, Weatherman’s Day “commemorates the birth of John Jefferies, one of America’s first weathermen”. Jeffries was born on Feb. 5, 1744. He kept weather records from 1774 to 1816.

I believe most weathermen/women are referred to as meteorologists in today’s world. I check the weather reports daily, and I am very thankful for the education today’s meteorologists have received. If you see a meteorologist today, be sure to let them know you appreciate them for a job well done.

On that note, a very famous weather rodent from Punxsutawney, Pa., Phil the groundhog, did not see his shadow on Sunday. As the legend goes, this means there will be an early spring. Although we need the rain, I am ready for some warmer weather. That little tease of warmer weather last week sure felt good.

Valentine’s Day is only nine days from today. Thank you to all who gave me excellent Valentine’s Day ideas. Hot air balloon ride, bike ride for two, wine tasting, instead of cut flowers a gift card to a plant nursery, sporting event, car show, perfume, spa gift card, yard art, BBQ/Smoker, puzzles, games, books and, for the young people in your life, gift cards for gas, food, and/or coffee, juice bars, ice cream, or a $2 bill – lots to choose from, with some real memory makers here, especially if you mail them; kids love to get mail.

Now, all you need to do is get busy. And, don’t wait until the last minute to get the Valentine’s cards. You don’t want to be stuck with getting a card that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Cat,” and you don’t even own a cat. Although, can you really own a cat?

I digress; surprise your loved ones. I know you let them know you love and appreciate them every day, but show them that extra bit of superpower love on Valentine’s Day. Hey, you never know, it just may make a big change in their day, from uncertainty to, “Hey! Somebody really does love me!” And what can be better than that?

OK, this is just too organized. I was talking to a friend who said she just bought her first Christmas gift for the year. I reminded her she had 324 days (from today) to shop. She said she knew it was early but wanted to get the specific gift before she forgot. And here is the best part – she wrote down where she stored the gift on her December calendars (wall and phone). Impressive is all I can say.

Dates to remember:

Tonight – Herald Community Club meeting, Hendrickson Training Center at 7 p.m.

Monday, Feb. 10 – Lincoln’s birthday – no school

Friday, Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day

Saturday, Feb. 15 – Chili Cookoff, Herald Fire Department on Ivie Road from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Monday, Feb. 17 – Presidents Day – no school, and federal, state, county, city offices are closed.

Until next week – be strong, be courageous and make a memory.