Today is The Bill of Rights Day. Now who would have thought to celebrate the Bill of Rights in the middle of the holiday season?

You will see as you read further.

To Americans, the Bill of Rights is the key article of the U.S. Constitution, which protects our individual rights. On March 4, 1789, the Constitution of the United States of America was ratified by the (former) 13 colonies and went into effect.

States and individuals were concerned that the Constitution did not properly cover and protect several rights of individuals. The Constitution was signed by the original 13 states with the requirement, or understanding, that a Bill of Rights would be created, amending the new U.S. Constitution.

On Sept. 25, 1789, the First Congress of the United States proposed to the state legislatures 12 amendments to the Constitution. Ten of these amendments were added to the Constitution on Dec. 15 in 1791.

Do you know the Bill of Rights?

Well, here you go: Freedom of speech, press and religion; to bear arms; to protect homeowners from quartering troops, except during war; rights and protections against unreasonable search and seizure; rights of due process of law, protection against double jeopardy, self-incrimination; rights of a speedy trial by jury of peers and rights of accused; rights to a trial by jury in civil cases; protection from cruel and unusual punishment, excessive bail; protection of rights not specified in the Bill of Rights; and States rights, power of the states.

Of the 12 original amendments, the two that did not pass were: one that dealt with the number of representatives to congress, and the second on dealing with compensation to representatives. Had they passed, there would be over 6,000 congressmen today!

On this Bill of Rights Day, I hope you spend a few minutes reflecting upon the freedoms that you enjoy. Many of these freedoms do not exist in many countries of the world. As people of these United States, we should not take the freedoms of the Bill of Rights for granted.

Can you believe school will end for 2021 this Friday?

Christmas Vacation starts and the students will not be back to school until Jan. 3, 2022. Where did the time go? Be careful out there driving, with the students out of school; they will be sharing the roadways on bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc., and they are not always as observant as people driving vehicles.

Only nine shopping days until Christmas! Are you ready? I am close – just a few more gifts to wrap and lots of Christmas movies to watch. Yes, I am one of the millions who love a good ending. I love that some of the movies involve health issues, such as memory loss, elder care, Parkinson’s, special needs, etc., and there is always a good ending. It gives my faith hope. And that is what Christmas is all about, faith, hope and love for the people of this world.

Recipe of the day: Chocolate fudge

Flower of the day: Christmas cactus

Dates to remember:

Dec. 20-31 – Christmas vacation for the high schools

Dec. 21 – Winter Solstice

Dec. 25 – Christmas

Dec. 31 – New Year’s Eve

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous, make a memory