Beth Siegalkoff

For many of us, riding a bicycle without training wheels is the first challenging physical activity we ever learned how to master. We all remember, don’t we? A running start. The protective hand secured to the bicycle is released. Then zoom! – we were off and peddling to a lifetime of adventure and freedom awaiting aboard a succession of beloved two-wheeled conveyances.

In the spirit of that very first trip, Happy World Bicycle Day. I remember the first time my kids took off without training wheels. It was like the world was theirs and nothing was impossible. It is a memory I will never forget.

I was in a local store on Sunday and noted there were several sizes and models of children bikes, but only two adult size bikes. The bike racks were empty. I would imagine this is due to the pandemic. People were told not to travel, but they could walk or bike around their neighborhoods.

Biking is a good way for children to use up excess energy, and their parents need to be close by, so off to the store for new bikes for mom and dad.

And some adults just need to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, exercise and stave off the “pandemic 15”. Pandemic 15 is the average amount of pounds adults have put on during the pandemic. Enjoy biking today.

Did you see any parts of Graduation Backwards Parade yesterday? This was such a good idea. High school staff and community members decorated their cars and trucks and drove by 2020 graduating seniors’ homes, honking and yelling, to acknowledge them. If there is a will, there is a way to celebrate something big like graduating seniors with a parade.

Friday evening, you will see the Strawberry Full Moon, referred to by the Algonquin tribes of Northeastern United States as the Strawberry Moon because it was time to pick wild strawberries.

Also, did you know that June is traditionally the month of marriages and is even named after the Roman Goddess of marriage Juno?

Following marriage comes the “honeymoon”, which may be tied to another name for this full moon – Honey. So, Strawberry Moon or Honey Moon, whichever you prefer, enjoy Friday evening by watching it rise.

Some of the churches were open for worship this past Sunday. It sure lifted my spirits to be able to attend. It was good to see fellow members, catch up on their families and what they have been doing during our stay at home directions. I really enjoyed listening to the music and sermon live and not on social media. It was my turn on Sunday to work the information table, so I was greeted with a lot of “Hi, how are you?” and, “What have you been doing?” It was great to see everyone.

Flowers of the day: Anemone; recipe of the day: Kale with Sour Cream

Dates to remember:

Saturday, June 6 – D-Day, the beginning of Operation Overlord when 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy in 1944

Sunday, June 14 – Flag Day

Sunday, June 21 – Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21 – Summer Solstice (longest amount of daylight in one day

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.