Beth Siegalkoff

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! That’s right, week! We are celebrating the whole week. Can we have any more appreciation for teachers, paraprofessionals and school personnel than we do right now?

The students in the Galt high school district (and Arcohe, Oak View, New Hope and all of Galt) have been distance learning since the middle of March, and we have been their substitute teachers. They have been at it over six weeks, and to think our children’s teaching staff choose to teach for 180 days a year. My hat is off to them.

Not only do teachers meet our students where they are at in the classroom, now they are having to add distance learning to their teaching resume. And many of you are, too. Reading the novels you were supposed to have read when you were in school (anyone remember Cliff Notes? I think it is Spark now), creating state maps, learning the state capitals, spelling and knowing the definitions of their, there, they’re; here and hear; and when to use should, could or would.

There is not enough space in the column for me to get started on integrated math. So, I think we should celebrate this week in August or September, when our little darlings begin the new school year. We can celebrate our teaching staff and be thankful.

This is also the week the mail carriers collect canned food to “STAMP” out hunger. However, it may be postponed because of the virus. Check with your postal carrier for more info.

So, I guess all we can do to celebrate the day is celebrate May 6 as Beverage Day. A good beverage can energize you after a long tiring day. It can also make a long, boring meal go fast, it can bring together two strangers, and it can make a party more fun.

Whether your preferred beverage is a hot cup of tea, a delicious and healthy smoothie, or a tall glass of lemonade, Beverage Day is the perfect excuse to indulge yourself by drinking it all day long. Cheers!

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the moms out there, and those who are celebrating moms.

Are you ready for Mother’s Day this Sunday? Remember, gatherings up to 10 people for social distancing. Got your cards, flowers bouquets, edible bouquets, gifts and meal planning in order? Are you cooking a full course meal from soup to nuts; maybe appetizers only, or a picnic or take-out?

Thank you to those of you who gave me your ideas for more “I will (fill in the blank)” coupons: I will cook dinner and clean up for a week; I will wash the car and detail the inside every week for 2 months; I will weed the garden until after harvest; dog walking, foot massages, etc. Your mom or the mother of your children will appreciate it.

Was the force with you on Monday? I think the Star Wars movies were playing all day on Monday. I like The Return of the Jedi movie with the Ewoks; they are happy little creatures.

And yesterday, Tuesday, as in Taco Tuesday, that also happened to be Cinco de Mayo. Did you have a taco or two, maybe a Margarita? We need to celebrate what we can when we can, especially in these times of uncertainty.

Keep the Faith. The virus may never go away but, when we get it under control, we can get back to some sort of normalcy.

Flower of the day: Mammoth Sunflower

Recipe of the day: Grilled Eggplant

Dates to remember:

Sunday, May 10 – Mother’s Day

Saturday, May 16 – Armed Forces Day

Thursday, May 21 – Joe Grubba Day in Herald

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.