Happy School Principal’s Day! The shifting education landscape has changed the nature of work of virtually everyone in America’s K-12 schools, from teachers to district superintendents. But perhaps no role has undergone a deeper transformation than that of the school principal. Today’s school principal is a team leader, coach, counselor, collaborator, cheerleader and more, all in one. Strong school leadership isn’t easy to achieve, especially today. But when good school leaders excel, their actions can change the lives of students, staff and community members.

No matter how big or small a school is, it is going to have a principal, sometimes even more than one. But what do these often mysterious and much-criticized members of the staff actually do? You may be surprised to find out they do far more than administer detentions, suspensions and expulsions.

The first thing to understand is that the school is on the principal’s mind, both before the school day begins and long after the school day is over for students.

From the moment a principal wakes, until the moment they go to bed, school is on their mind. How to help students be more successful, how to manage students, teachers, and parents’ expectations, keep the budget balanced and be technically savvy.

Throughout the day they meet with staff, share concerns about students, lesson plans, testing, attend extracurricular activities, all the while keeping in mind how to achieve the goals set for the current school year.

Sometimes they are a mediator and confidant and hold their opinion just to listen to a frustrated person vent.

Their work is endless, and they are worthy of honor for the work they do.

So, please join me in saying, “Thank you, we appreciate what you do” to all the school principals you know.

Last week on Tuesday, Galt High was the scene of an Every 15 Minutes production. Every 15 Minutes program is for seniors and junior high school students to show them what happens at a DUI accident. The mock accident was set up on A street. It is such an effective production and it hits even the most stalwart person close to the heart. If it deters just one student from drinking and driving, it has done its job.

Congratulations to all who pulled together to give our students something to really think about.

For those of you counting the days, there are 25 school days left until summer vacation. Galt, Estrellita and Liberty Ranch high schools start the 2019-20 school year on Monday (yes, Monday), Aug. 12. Also, for those who were a bit upset with this year’s school calendar, according to the 2019-20 Galt Joint Union High School District calendar, high school students will have the Monday after Easter off.

And, for those ultra-organized, there are 238 shopping days until Christmas.

This Saturday is Liberty Ranch High School’s prom at Lodi’s Hutchins Street Square. So, when you see those students dressed to the nines and looking good, give them a nod. It can be a little bit nerve-racking wearing those tuxedos and shiny shoes and fancy dresses and spiked heels – and then adding to it, being on your best behavior and using your best manners.

Dates to remember

Saturday, May 4 – for Star Wars fans: May the Fourth be with you.

Sunday, May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – A little salsa and chips, a margarita or two to enjoy the day

Tuesday, May 7 – Herald 4-H meeting at Arcohe School

Wednesday, May 8 – Herald Community Club meeting at the Hendrickson Training Center 7 p.m.

Sunday, May 12 – Mother’s Day

Wednesday-Monday, May 23-27 – Sacramento County Fair

Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day Holiday

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous, and make a memory.