Beth Siegalkoff

Get ready for the summer (if you live in the Northern Hemisphere) by learning more about sunscreen and its advantages; today is the unofficial day we celebrate sunscreen.

Although summer weather is already here, the Summer Solstice doesn’t officially take place until Sunday, June 21. However, it is never too soon to use sunscreen.

Sunscreen, also known as sun block, is usually a cream or spray that is applied to bare skin in order to protect it from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and from sunburn. Applying sunscreen 30 minutes before going out into the sun and replenishing every few hours while in the sun is best. And, of course, after being in the water.

Not all sunscreen or sun blocks prevents sunburn or block the sun’s UV rays so be sure to read the labels.

Did you know that, even though long-term exposure to UV rays is harmful to our bodies, the human body needs UV rays to form Vitamin D? So, it all goes back to everything in moderation. A little sun, and a little common sense, and you are good.

I am so glad that stores and restaurants are beginning to open for customer in-store service. It is not only good for the economy but also good for us to get out and actually observe what is going on around us – to greet our neighbors and friends in a relaxed atmosphere instead of a tense, face-masked, quick, “Hi” – “Goodbye”, keeping a safe distance.

If you are out and about, now that the stay at home direction has been somewhat lifted, you may see decorated homes and yard signs of the 2020 graduating seniors from Galt High and Liberty Ranch throughout the neighborhoods. These seniors have had one disappointment after another due to the Coronavirus. District learning on the spot, AP tests disrupted, spring sports, prom, and “grad night” at Disneyland, traditional graduation all canceled.

But you know what?

These seniors are bouncing back, making their own new memories. It will be a year everyone will remember. So, show some love and support, honk when you pass these special homes.

Shout out to the best mother-in-law ever! And I am not exaggerating, she is the kindest, sweetest, person you will ever meet. I love her; she is always smiling and willing to lend a hand – and bakes the best German Chocolate Cake. If you live in Herald, you know who she is. Join me tomorrow in wishing her happy birthday.

For those who have a yearning to do a little shopping, now that we can actually go into the store and see what we are purchasing and hoping what we are buying is what is really in the photo, there are 212 shopping days until Christmas.

Flower of the day – Mission Bells; Recipe of the day – Cabbage-filled Peppers

Dates to remember:

Wednesday, June 3 – Arcohe technology and textbook drop-off

Saturday, June 6 – D-Day, the beginning of Operation Overlord when 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy

Sunday, June 14 – Flag Day

Sunday, June 21 – Father’s Day

Sunday, June 21 – Summer Solstice (longest amount of daylight in one day)

Until next week, Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.