Grab a fork and knife, because today is National Boston Cream Pie Day! If you’ve never heard of Boston cream pie before, it’s a yellow butter cake, filled with custard or cream and topped with chocolate glaze. Can you say yum?

Now, I know what you are thinking: Why is it called pie when it’s actually a cake? Well, when the Boston cream pie was first invented, cakes and pies were baked with the same kinds of pans, and even the words were used interchangeably. As a result, the Boston cream pie keeps its old-fashioned name, in addition to its delicious flavor.

It was first invented in 1856 by an Armenian-French chef named Sanzian. At the time, chocolate frosting was fairly new. Baking your own Boston cream pie is the perfect way to celebrate its national day.

A bit of Boston cream pie trivia: In 1996, Massachusetts proclaimed the Boston cream pie the official state dessert. In 2010, culinary students at Southern New Hampshire University created the world’s largest Boston cream pie. It measured 10 feet wide and 1½ feet high, and weighed over one ton. Wow, that is a lot of dessert! Makes me wonder how it really tasted.

Did you surprise your boss last week with well wishes? It’s not too late, if you didn’t get a chance. It is never too late to tell someone they are appreciated. Bosses are just doing their job; they work for someone/something too. Whether it is another boss higher up on the corporate ladder or working on a farm or ranch to feed the country, or managing a construction site, we all have a boss. And as employees, we should let our bosses know we appreciate them. And think of the memory you will be making.

Now I am going to throw you a curve ball. I start thinking about the holidays as soon as Labor Day is over. Yes, it’s true. Shocker? Right? You all know Halloween isn’t my favorite, and although I am thankful for my family and friends, for me Thanksgiving is the pre-cursor to Christmas. And with Thanksgiving being celebrated so late this year, I am getting gypped out of a week of the Christmas season. But I will not despair because the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channels start tomorrow, Oct. 24. With the TV remote in hand, I will set the DVR and watch the recorded movies whenever possible, much to Don’s chagrin.

Don’t get me wrong; he enjoys all the blessings of Christmas, just not 24/7 on the TV.

And Christmas music – as soon as the radio stations (yes radio, not a fan of phone and earbuds) start playing Christmas music, every radio in my radius is tuned to the same station, turned to a higher volume than normal and I sing along, rock out or just hum to the songs, carols, hymns, all of them. I love it! The music warms my heart and humbles my brain, and I am reminded what the Christmas season is all about.

Dates to remember:

Friday, Oct. 25, 4-8 p.m. – Arcohe School’s Fall Festival along with Herald Community Club Trunk or Treat

Thursday, Oct. 31 – Blood Drive at GHS Warrior Gym

Thursday, Oct. 31 – Halloween

Sunday, Nov. 3 – Daylight Savings Time ends! Turn the clocks back one hour before you go to bed on Saturday to get an hour of extra sleep.

Tuesday, Nov. 5 – Herald 4-H at Arcohe School

Wednesday, Nov. 6 – Herald Community Club meeting, Hendrickson Training Center

Monday, Nov. 11 – Veterans Day

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous, make a memory.