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Galt resident Elsie Warner (right) holds the hand of Don, her husband of 63 years, who has been stricken with Alzheimer’s.

If you haven’t had a loved one stricken with Alzheimer’s yet, chances are very good you will experience the “long goodbye” sometime in your lifetime. According to the Alzheimer Association’s new report, estimates show that there are currently more than 5 million Americans 65+ living with Alzheimer’s – a number expected to nearly triple by 2050. More research for a cure and training to diagnose the disease is needed, and that’s where you can help others, including many within our own community.

Elsie Warner, a Galt resident, has been living with the weight of Alzheimer’s for over nine years. She’s watched her husband of 63 years go from a vital, active person to one who lives in memory care and confined to a wheelchair. She and her daughter Denise Campion are determined to help end this disease by joining people across the nation in “The Walk” on Oct. 17 right in your own neighborhood.

The national fundraiser also goes to programs that help loved ones in the thick of the fight. Both Warner and Campion said they’ve used these resources for years.

“I walk with the hope and great confidence that we, together, will help bring an end to the disease,” Campion said. “Now with my father in isolation due to COVID-19, the pain becomes even more heart wrenching. I walk to honor dad and all those who have been afflicted with the disease.”

Warner also walks to make people more aware of the great resources provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. Trainings and support groups can be accessed online due to the pandemic.

“The resources are available 24/7 for both patients and families,” Warner said. “Together, let’s fight for the first survivor.”

According to Warner, this year’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s will be very different. Small groups from each team will be walking, creating a great awareness of the event, in neighborhoods or business communities of their choice throughout Galt, Lodi and Stockton. Out of town team members will be walking in their hometowns. Wherever they walk, regardless how small the group is, COVID safety precautions will be taken.

Warner encourages anyone who wishes to walk to go to and then to the Campion-Warner Team. For more information right from Warner, you may email her at