Bad guys will always have guns


My dad used to say locks are for honest people because a crook always has bolt cutters. If he were alive, I think he would say the same about most, if not all, of our gun control laws. Why is it that the liberal response is always to pass more laws to restrict law abiding citizens’ access to self-protection?

Do they want to control crime, or the people?

By definition, criminals are people that don’t obey the law. Regardless of the number of laws passed, it is a fact, bad guys will always have access to guns one way or another. The old saying that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun is truer today than ever.

It is a fact that where I live, if I call 911, a good guy with a badge and gun can be as much as 15 minutes away or more (sorry, I’m dead by then).

This isn’t the cop’s fault, they are just spread that thin. And yet some would strip us of our right to be able to protect our families and ourselves if a bad guy kicks in the front door.

Across the board, it is amazing how well our founding fathers got it. But there are those that would pick and choose parts of our constitution and ignore or discard the rest that doesn’t suit their purposes. Sorry, but the constitution is like the Bible; it only works if we embrace it all as written!

Personally, I find it strange that the loudest voices that want to restrict or eliminate our ability to protect us are all protected by personal security (i.e., good guys with guns).

We are all responsible for our personal safety; so, politicians, don’t make us bring a knife to a gunfight and give gangsters, thieves and murderers a head start. Leave honest gun owners alone. Your job is to get the bad guys, not honest citizens. That’s what we elect you for. Just sayin.

Don Siegalkoff