To the people of our local communities


Hold on to your wallets and check your money.

The Galt Herald article dated 3-31-21 mentions our groundwater status, on page one.

I remember in the late 1950s receiving a letter from the county stating there was a rash of boats being stolen or pilfered. Out of the kindness of the county’s heart, they would help stop the problem by having the boat owners register their boats with the county Free of Charge! The registration was mandatory; well, guess what? The next year the county sent out bills for us to pay for the privilege of owning a boat.

Several months ago, I filled out a form stating the fact I had a well on my property. The form asked the following: How deep, what I used it for, etc., etc. No mention of a future fee or meters. As I was filling out the form I had to send to the county, I thought of the trick that was used to get the boat owners’ names and addresses. Folks, get ready, meters and costs are coming!

I quote the paper, page one, paragraph 52 – “An important point for well owners is the plan does not call for metering as it has other ways to estimate water usage.” End of quote.

They have other ways of estimating usage. I’ll bet they have other plans for future use of water meters. At first, it will be pennies per 100 gallons. Then, look out; you will be buying water at the grocery store to water your tomatoes to save money.

Our political leaders should have had water plans years and years ago. They say Auburn Dam is on a fault. Guess what, so is Folsom Dam!

Auburn Dam stoppage was a stupid political disgrace. Small cofferdams could be built on the Cosumnes River to replenish our water table. We have a river at the west end of Twin Cities Road. It has water in it; it’s not that far away; Use It.

In closing, does Ami Bera know he is supposed to represent our problems?

N.J. Neuburger