‘Farmers Market’ false advertising


My two cents: I went to the Farmers Market and instead found a street faire.

No offense, but it’s quite an embarrassment when, among all the vendors at the Friday night Fourth Street event, there was just one lonely farmer selling his batch of fruit, and without much luck.

Sadly, it’s just a bait and switch on your fellow citizens when most of us expected to find – and rightly so – many more farmers selling a larger variety of fresh produce. It’s no wonder there are so few visitors to an event that is actually not what it’s advertised to be.

With very little foot traffic in the area – truthful and compelling marketing is crucial to the survival of this event. Certainly, the lack of interest from local farmers is a big reason for the lack of interest from the community.

Perhaps city officials could be more pro-active by visiting the City of Lodi (“with the best fresh produce California has to offer”) to better understand how a real farmers market is done and then entice local farmers to participate in this event.

It’s also quite likely that the sale of produce would steer new business to other vendors and to the shops nearby. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s rather disheartening for vendors to slug through a labor-intensive setup just to find they have no customers.

As is, busing only one or two people to Old Town is literally “putting the cart before the horse” as the city no doubt needs a more dynamic and cost-effective plan to better serve the community before funding any transportation needs.

Without doubt, holding this event during the day on the weekend would be a wise decision and is worth a try. Maybe event organizers could then convince Sunday churchgoers to stop by when many are already out and about – all things considered. Otherwise, to call this event a farmers market is an insult to everyone and makes y’all look quite foolish – to say the least.

David Reid