Strike against

Cal Waste?


We are new residents of Galt. Previously we lived in Paradise and moved here after the fire. We are outraged by the rate increases by Cal-Waste. We are retired and live on a fixed income. Moving here raised our cost of living for medical insurance, space rental, fuel and, now, garbage. Adding more for garbage and trash at the new rates is an insult to the Galt community.

We cannot understand what motivated the former city manager to recommend the new contract. He should be investigated and held accountable for some of the blame. What would happen if the entire business, industrial and residential base go on a strike against paying for any further service by Cal-Waste and, instead, as a community Galt brought in an interim service until the new contract is revised to more favorable terms, including competitive rates/terms with neighboring communities?

 It is time to pull together as an entire community against the tyranny of the outrageous and unrealistic new Cal-Waste contract and rate hike.

Deborah Watters