Reader voting for Martin, Vandenburg


A 41-year resident of Galt, Linda and Robert Kraude endorse Kami Martin and Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council.

We found out about Kami and Jay on the “Friendly Neighborhood GALT Group” Facebook page. Kami and Jay were involved in posting information about our local community and City Council meetings. Following them on Facebook, we became more aware of what was going on in our city.

Robert met with Kami and Jay personally at a group meeting in Elk Grove with Assembly Member Jim Cooper’s staff and was very impressed with their ability to ask questions and listen.

Kami moved to Galt seven years ago to find a better place to raise her family. She became involved in local government because of heavy traffic around her neighborhood. She supported Measure R and served on the police oversight committee. Kami Martin has 15 years of experience in the field of insurance and earned her undergraduate degree in government, and earned a master’s degree in business administration.

Jay was born in Galt and grew up on his family’s dairy farm, learning the values of hard work, honesty and perseverance from his parents. Two years ago, Jay started attending Galt City Council meetings, speaking out on behalf of the citizens of Galt. A family man, Jay worked and studied late nights to become a journeyman.

Kami and Jay support public safety, small business, Parks & Recreation, fiscal responsibility and transparency, and promise to help keep our community the beautiful Great America Little Town we all love.

Please vote for Kami Martin and Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council.

Robert and Linda Kraude