We just care differently


Regarding “Do Galt residents care about other people?”, I find it funny the first assumption people jump to is that those who don’t wear masks are uncaring. To the contrary, we are very caring and so I offer some perspective.

First, we’re very concerned about the health of others and believe masks give a false sense of security and increased fear as people are told masks are the answer without reinforcement of longstanding health recommendations, such as eating healthy, exercising, drinking water, etc.

You see it daily as you pass fast food establishments where lines are seemingly getting longer and longer. Without exception, the one effective method against COVID is a healthy lifestyle to build a strong immunity for oneself and others. Yet, many don’t adhere to those recommendations, and the harder ones (e.g., exercise) fall by the wayside.

At best, wearing a mask might help reduce the spread of COVID. Yet, many infectious disease experts believe that may be exactly what we need to speed immunity in society – collectively for all, not just for one.

Further, by covering beautiful faces, too much is given up, including personal choice with forced discomfort and muffled human expression.

Youngsters are robbed of sharing their beautiful smiles or to sing songs with magical voices, or to look for critical cues from loved ones as they learn to talk, develop and play; for all of us to reflect the energy that exudes with joy, to share a warm smile with someone who needs exactly that to brighten their dark day, to share unbridled laughter containing more healing properties than any mask – priceless universal blessings too quickly handed over in the face of loose science and uncertain benefits.

Also concerning is that, while we all talk of reopening, a discussion of when we’ll return to full faces, is not even on the table – a very disturbing evolutionary trend for humanity.

Instead of painting us with a broad brush without knowing us, please engage us in an open discussion. Most would be happy to share our thoughts.

We do care, we just care differently.

Annette Kunze

Martin cares about Galt


I met Kami in May 2017. This story wouldn’t be as heartwarming if I didn’t give you a small backstory about where I was in life back then; 2016 was a big year full of a lot of change. I got married, pregnant and quit my job of six years. We moved to Galt in April 2017.

While Galt was beautiful and the people were always quick to say hello to one another, life as a stay-at-home mom was harder than I anticipated. I was lonely (did I mention my husband is a firefighter in the Bay Area?), missing my family and friends. I took action and put a post up on NextDoor. It read something like, “In need of help with my 3-month-old son a couple hours a week, $10/hr.

Kami responded to my message and told me she would love to help me for free. Kami quickly became a friend, someone who I could count on to teach me about our city, who invited me to my first council meeting, who watched my son last minute when I forgot to buy milk. She was everything I needed and more than what I imagined would happen off a small post seeking help from a member of our community.

In the past three years, I have known Kami to be outspoken, compassionate, outgoing, helpful, hardworking, a go-getter. She sees a need and doesn’t wait to be asked, she goes and supports.

I remember talking to Kami about her role on the Measure R committee. Her enthusiasm was refreshing. I am happy Kami shared her passion for politics with me. She has always been clear about where she stands on policy and, while we disagree on some things, Kami has always been respectful and open. I know Kami will bring good things to Galt because Kami cares. She cared back in 2017 when she saw my need for a friend, and she cares today. We need people like Kami to bring a much-needed change to our city council. I support Kami Martin.

Daisy Hinzo

Choices are clear for council candidates


This upcoming City Council election is very important to the growth of our city. As we have grown, the smart growth advocates have been outnumbered on the Council and now, with all the development already approved, it’s imperative we elect people who have a desire to help Galt save some of its past. Notice how all the approved projects are for new developments (mostly housing) and nothing for infill or projects for community involvement, i.e., movie theater/medical clinics and the like.

It’s time we send a message to City Hall that it’s time to put existing citizens first, and growth advocates can take a well-deserved break.

The candidates who are running have made their ideals well known and very clear. Kevin Papineau has said he’s for smart growth, yet he has voted to approve every single project brought to the Planning Commission and these changes were not in compliance with the General Plan, so he voted to make changes to the plan; that’s not smart growth.

Keith Jones, like Papineau, has voted to approve every project with no regard to public input and gone as far as to say we need to consider the silent majority; it just so happens they think just like him.

Randy Morton has repeatedly said he wants Galt to be more inclusive of its citizens and wants input from us, and that’s the path he’ll follow, novel idea.

Jay Vandenburg has probably attended more Council meetings than some staff and he’s always championing local issues that would benefit the citizens of Galt.

Kami Martin, since she’s moved to Galt, has been involved in community issues and has spoken out about issues when the city hasn’t been exactly clear and forthcoming as it pertains to the effects it has on us.

Don’t let the talk about budget issues distract you from growth issues.

It is time for us to step up and get people on the Council who want to see Galt prosper and grow with the local mindset that you can only get by listening to its people.

Morton, Vandenburg and/or Martin are the clear choices. Let’s get our town back.

Gene Davenport

Vote no for Kamala Harris


If you people think Harris will help you, you’re wrong.

In 2013, Kamala was Attorney General of California. I called her and wrote her letters to help us find out who took our son’s life August 2013 about 35 miles south of Sacramento. Kamala never answered a call or letter, a big fat 0. She was running around to get to Washington. She doesn’t care about us. All she wants is “oh, vote for me.” You people better think again.

On TV, she has a big mouth and swings her arms; that’s all you will get.

It’s been seven years, and his killer is still running free. How can we the people live with that?

I wrote letters and phone calls to Governor Brown, never got an answer. One day I called and called, and finally a girl answered. I said I wrote five letters to Brown. She said we never got them. I said, yes you did because I never got them back. I said, did you throw them in the garbage? Big fat 0.

Wrote Governor Newsom, got a big fat 0, nothing. Attorney General Becerra, you better check this out. It’s his job. All these Democrats do not help us.

Patricia Neaumann

Tired of era of fear


Are you as tired as I am of living in this era of fear?

Much of our populace has been locked in their homes, being bombarded with daily doses of the sky is falling, and most of our liberal leaders continue to impose sanctions on citizens and businesses that are iffy at best, constitutionally.

Enough already!

Hope is always better than fear! Leaders that do focus on hope, rather than fear, are ostracized, threatened and called everything but children of God.

Why? What is it all about – money, power, votes? Are militantly liberal governors like ours in fear that they will lose their “control” of our citizens?

We need to take the emotion out of this so-called crisis and live sensibly and without the fear that permeates our current culture.

We need to respect COVID effects like any other serious disease. Do we hide in our homes from cancer, heart and respiratory disease or a laundry list of other diseases that afflict humanity? Do we stop living our lives because of them? Do we collapse a vibrant economy or force people into homelessness, bankruptcy, poverty?

Personally, I’m in a high-risk demographic, but I refuse to live in fear like the media and our so-called leadership prefers.

Throw off the chains of fear, thank God for the day he has given us and live it to the fullest you can! Remember, God gives us the day; it is up to us what we make out of it. He has not given us a spirit of fear so, for me, I want to live each day in hope, not fear. How about you?

Don Siegalkoff