A fond farewell


It is with a fond farewell that I will be saying goodbye to the community of Galt. I have decided to move back to Texas where I will be closer to my family. The people of Galt have been like a family to me for the past 30 years, and I will be sad to leave. I enjoyed my little business in old town Galt for eight years.

Thank you, Galt, for letting me serve on the Galt City Council for 12 years, as well as being your mayor and vice mayor.

I have been fortunate to get to know so many Galt citizens. The friends that I will be leaving will be missed, but not forgotten. I know this town will continue to be the Great American Little Town.

Barbara Payne

Cure worse than disease


When is the cure worse than the disease? Maybe when liberal governors turn their states into self-imposed internment camps. Maybe its when governors use emergency powers intended for times of war or natural disaster to impose sanctions on a free people that would never be passed in congress or a state house. It could be when government panics at all levels and drives a vibrant robust economy into self-imposed time out that we may never recover from fully. Or, possibly, when it is more lucrative to list someone dying from COVID-19 than, let’s say, pneumonia or cancer or many other typical illnesses.

Don’t get me wrong, COVID-19 is a terrible disease but is it worse than H1N1 or the Spanish Flu or many other illnesses that inflict suffering on humanity without a worldwide shutdown?

We have been bombarded continuously for many months with numbers regarding deaths and infection rates and other COVID related information that is sensationalized in the media and halls of government, and to what end? Then the endless corrections or re-estimates of infection and death rates never get equal media attention.

I believe that never in history has a disease been so politicly weaponized to control a free people. I believe that decisions are being made and implemented with little or no regard for the consequences and long-term damage to our society and culture.

It was reported last week that the true number of deaths from just COVID-19 was about 6% of the total reported COVID deaths, a true number more in line with normal annual flu deaths, numbers that previously did not drive the country into bankruptcy or force our children to learn from computer screens instead of teachers or thousands, if not millions, forced into homelessness, joblessness and/or bankruptcy.

It has been proven time and again that you can only crowd so many mice in a cage without the mice turning on each other.

The situation calls for courage and leadership instead of fear and dictatorship. Just sayin’!

Don Siegalkoff

Citizens, wake up!


I have read the reporting on plans for Galt expansion.

Number one, I am not sure we “need” another residential project. There are 640 new residences planned. This is a real imposition on our little town.

I’m a new resident of 20 years, and the Twin Cities, Raley’s and Walmart, and housing developments have really impacted the night sky view and quiet we moved here for.

And now (there is) the current discussion regarding the Carillion Boulevard corridor. What? The current configuration has sidewalks, bike lanes, four traffic lanes, left turns that access the neighborhoods there. This was done to provide access to new homes built between Marengo and Highway 99, basically.

Didn’t I read recently that the city maintenance was having difficulty finding money to pay for upkeep of the landscape in the median strip?

The latest proposal is to reduce auto traffic to two lanes, create roundabouts (that, quite frankly, most people haven’t a clue how to use, witnessed by the drivers on existing roundabouts at Highway 99 and Twin Cities), and a larger bike lane? Is that what I am to believe by the stories I’ve read in your paper?


Are we importing 10 or 20 thousand Parisians and Davis students into the area who will be clogging the existing bike path?

The current roadway works perfectly, (and) traffic flows as was planned when built for the community it serves.

Has this latest viral Democratic pandemic debacle softened the skulls of city council? Has the lure of “free” money clouded the judgment of otherwise sane people?

Don’t take that money just because it is there; ask yourself, are you still on board with the “bullet” train, too?

Wake up and serve the people of the city, not the already rich developers looking for the next government handout.

Are the Planning Commission and City Council at odds regarding agreement on matters that roundly affect the entire region?

Please look out for your constituency first – $34 million to widen bike lanes and have only two lanes for pedestrians to cross? Are you mad? You’re trying to fly the “public safety” flag? How many pedestrians do you see between Simmerhorn and Twin Cities Road?

I am appalled that this is even a discussion. This shows a certain lack of morals on the part of our leaders who should be watching our backs, not burdening us with more bureaucratic consumption.

Or Alternative II, with more necessary traffic signs for $19 million?


Citizens, unite. This is your money these people are going to spend on a road that was designed to function exactly as planned and built.

Neither of these “plans” is a wise use of tax dollars and will only obstruct and interfere with traffic flow.

Michael Dunn