No credibility with voters


The upcoming 2020 election will enable us as voters to elect two new City Council Members. When I consider who I will cast my vote for, it is important to me to know who supports each candidate. Support or endorsement for candidates from current council members, who I would not vote for, is a huge red flag. Endorsements from current leadership can sway an election, and not necessarily in a positive direction. This election is no different.

Curt Campion and Paige Lampson are both eligible to run for re-election; however, they have instead decided to step down.

Campion and Lampson were responsible for the detrimental commercial garbage deal that crippled our local businesses. They hired a city manager who was self serving and gave himself and high level staff raises. This City Manager also convinced Lampson and Campion to hire a friend, Galt’s previous finance director, a woman who “lost” a decimal point and plunged our city into a deficit, and then skipped town.

I believe the aforementioned wrongdoings are the reasons they have chosen not to seek re-election.

I then ask you, would you vote for someone Campion and Lampson are endorsing?

We have seen these two in action – never listening to our citizens, rubber stamping and pandering to developers, developers that would see our small town of 25,000 triple in size.

Campion and Lampson were toxic for Galt, and we cannot let their policies and views continue to plague our town and our citizens by electing their preferred successors.

(Clarification In the Letter to the Editor titled “No credibility with voters”, the author incorrectly identified Councilmember Paige Lampson as a member of Council who hired the previous city manager. Lampson was not on Council at the time of the actual hiring of the mentioned city manager.)

We need change, real change!

We need leadership from individuals that demonstrate they will actually read a contract before approving it. We need leadership who has proven they will listen to us, the people of Galt.

We should be voting for candidates who are currently being endorsed by leaders that we trust, not by individuals who by all accounts have proven to be anything but trustworthy.

My vote will be for candidates who care and are not influenced. My votes will be for Jay Vandenburg and Kami Martin.

For the sake of our businesses and our town, I hope yours are too.

Michelle Kiel

No more rubber stampers please


I have looked forward to this local election, hoping for great City Council candidates to step forward to lead our city.

I had hope that, with the two outgoing Council Members, we would tip the scale on Council and finally have a majority that would not just rubber stamp everything staff puts in front of them. There is already one staying, Council Member Lozano. He talks a good talk, making you think he’s listened to his constituents, but then votes the other way – clearly one of the best “politicians” on Council.

Outgoing Campion and Lampson have been the ultimate “rubber stampers”.

Their egregious error by signing off on that garbage contract should have had them voluntarily step down with their tail between their legs. But continuing poor decision making, they sat up on their thrones, looking down on all of us with a “sorry, not sorry” attitude.

Now these two want us to vote for Papineau and Jones according to mailers? Because their decision making track record is worthy of any credibility? I think not.

And Papineau and Jones have already been warming up that rubber stamp on Planning Commission. In fact, when it came to the Carillion project, Jones said during the meeting, “just because we approve it doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen.”

What? Why would you approve something unless you want it to happen? Oh, I get it, it’s because staff recommended it and you had your rubberstamp in hand.

I watched the City Council debate; candidate Morton said he would tell staff that he would “stay in his lane”. Well, Mr. Morton, I suggest you stay in your lane at the gym where, admittedly, you do great things, but we need stronger advocates on Council.

Martin has her social media history that might be questionable, but I like that she’s a researcher, and I don’t see a rubber stamp ever fitting comfortably in her hand.

Vandenburg, well he’s a little green for my taste, may just say no to say no, which is a concern as well, but I’d take that over a rubber stamper.

Please Galt, no more rubber stampers on Council.

Anna Harmon

Do Galt residents care about other people?


I am 82 years old, and my wife and I have lived in Galt for 43 years (in the same house). It is now 7:20 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 30.

I went to the community forum for election information. I got there a little before 6 p.m. and I left about 6:15 p.m. I am in the high-risk group for COVID-19, and I need to be careful about my exposure.

There was information about masks and social distancing. A number of people had masks, but a number of people did not. Some of the people who had them were not wearing them correctly.

I tried to allow distance between me and other folks, only to have people come and sit too close to me.

We have voted in all elections in Galt, and I really wanted to learn more about the people running. I decided it was too dangerous for me to stay there.

So I am here at home only having learned that there are people in Galt who do not care about other people.

It would be nice if they did care.

Reuven Epstein