Carillion stop signs, again?


I had concerns a year ago about the continued home construction in the Twin City/Carillion Avenue area. That goes on, seemingly without end. I am counting three projects on Carillion and wonder the need.

Galt Herald coverage of these developments shows the simplistic, by the numbers, approach to community that the Council and Sacramento County supervisors use to justify building, building, building. I noted the requirements handed down from the county that required housing be built in Galt follow a formula of single family, high density and low-income mix. That does not seem to be based on needs or our established economic system.

Did I read that right, that Galt is required to build a certain number of houses? Are we going to revise that edict to accommodate the tens of millions of illegal immigrants entering the country by invitation of the Democratic Party? Is it that all those holding positions that can sway outcomes have friends who are developers? Just a guess.

Again, with more discussion regarding stop signs, the current configuration has sidewalks, bike lanes, four traffic lanes, left turns that access the neighborhoods there. This access serves the neighborhoods east and west of Carillion between Simmerhorn and Twin Cities. Coming from the Liberty Road/North SJ County area, this is a very convenient access to shopping. I am shopping in Galt rather than Lockeford or Lodi. Now you are working to inconvenience all of the users of this thoroughfare by narrowing lanes and adding stop signs to slow traffic?

Accidents at Vauxhall must be from those coming from that cluster of homes that are failing to follow traffic etiquette, breaking the law or are just plain stupid.

Every stop sign on an express route with a 45 mph speed limit translates into thousands of gallons of wasted fuel for the stop-and-go to convenience those who are failing to stop now.

How much more do law abiding, responsible citizens have to give up to take care of the irresponsible few? Pedestrians? – I am lucky to see five pedestrians on a trip to and from shopping. Side-road traffic? – Hardly a saturation that requires 4-way stop signs. Bikes? – Have any of the council members traveling that route witnessed hordes of bikes, similar to bike traffic in Davis?

The current roadway works perfectly. Please serve the people of the city.

The plan last year called for spending $34 million to widen bike lanes and reduce traffic lanes for pedestrian crossing safety. Alternative plan II last year was to add more unnecessary traffic signals for $19 million.

Please, let’s not allow people who cannot even hold meetings in public (No, I don’t ”zoom”) spend money that is not theirs, that is frivolous and unnecessary, and will only result in inconvenience for the majority. I will only guess that the six or eight or 10 accidents in question were preventable if common sense had been used behind the wheel.

Michael Dunn

Communist Socialist Liberals have taken over the Democratic Party


If the Presidential election was held today, Donald Trump would defeat Joe Biden – again!

I suggest to all U.S. citizens to reflect on what is happening in our beloved country today. Today, we have fuel prices near $5 a gallon, in some areas, more; grocery prices skyrocketing; commodity items rising out of sight; illegals flooding our borders, bringing in drugs, as Biden and Harris do nothing.

U.S. citizens, who were once gainfully employed, living under tarps and plastic tents along our roads and riverbanks; they need our help, medical attention, prayers and opportunity to find financial support with a job.

Joe Biden cares more about helping illegals with free health care, free housing, free education, and free money.

Biden is not mentioning our U.S. citizens, hundreds of them, abandoned in Afghanistan along with millions of dollars in our equipment being given to China and Russia by the Taliban. Communist China destroying our way of life, and Joe Biden is doing nothing to stop their cheating and lying.

I hope the decent, honest, good Democrats realize what is happening to their party. Communist Socialist Liberals have taken over the Democratic Party, and they have a weak, incapable, old man, pawn Joe Biden, and a cackling, giggly Harris being told what to do and say.

We must tell, not ask, our elected officials to stop the madness.

I will end by saying Ami Bera has been in office for six years; what has he done for us? He has voted the Pelosi line that has put us in this downward spiral.

Nick Neuburger