Do your homework and then vote wisely


Are you as fed up, with paying more and getting much less, as I am? Why does California have the highest road taxes and arguably the worst roads in the country? The governor and super majority in the state legislature would say that because those of us that are working hard and businesses that take all the risk aren’t paying “their fair share”.

What is fair share anyway? Is it fair that those that study and work hard gamble their homes and life savings to be successful in life, or those that have worked and scrimped to save to have a nice home need to give a disproportionate amount to the government so that politicians can spend hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars per unit for homeless housing? Ask yourself, is the homeless problem better or worse than it was 15 or 20 years ago?

Sorry, I got off track; there is not enough space to discuss all the issues with California’s approach to the homeless problems. Are our freeways and roads better or worse? How about police or fire response, better or worse? Do you feel safer in your home than you did several years ago?

The prevailing “wisdom” in government is “they” need more of our resources to solve all the problems. How has that worked out so far? We are being asked to vote on a slew of propositions this fall, most of which are intended to take more from the worker bees so that it can be given to the drones.

We have had a super majority in this state for many years now; is it better or worse?

Taxpayers are leaving our wonderful state in record numbers while tax consumers continue to mushroom; this is completely unsustainable and must eventually collapse. What then?

The right to vote is sacred in our nation but with rights come responsibilities, do the homework. Know what and who you’re voting for, and then vote wisely.

Don Siegalkoff

Vandenburg will follow voice of the people


I would like to share with you why I support Jay Vandenburg for Galt City Council.

I have known Jay since early 2019. I have seen him address the City Council on a number of important issues. We have met and discussed various issues, like the trash rate increase, Galt Market Plan, the budget and financial statements. Our relationship is one of a common interest in Galt’s government.

The key plank in Jay’s platform is assuring that the “voice” of the citizens and businesses is heard. To me, that “voice” is made up of two things. The basic “voice” is why citizens and businesses love Galt and choose to stay. Reasons like cost, safety, location of Galt itself, uncongested roads, like-minded citizens with high values and other quality of life types of things. Then there is the specific “voice” about issues like the Galt Market Plan or the trash rate increase.

Another key plank in Jay’s platform is fiscal responsibility. A council member needs a good grasp of the Galt government finances. Consider that Galt has a 350-page budget and a 150-page financial statement. Jay and I have met many times for the purpose of studying and understanding those reports. He really does do his homework. The second component is the specific issue, like a trash rate increase or the Galt Market Plan, and how that will affect Galt’s finances.

I know that when Jay casts his votes, he will have considered the “voice” of the citizens and businesses, and fiscal responsibility.

Harry Wensel