Parker, Denier for high school board


I view the election of School Board Members as one of the most important responsibilities we have as voters. Highly effective and well-managed schools are no accident – they come as a result of dedicated, honest, collaborative and responsible Board Members who understand the importance of working together for the good of the community.

Two of the current candidates for the Galt Joint Union High School District exemplify those attributes – Terry Parker and Danny Denier. I would hope that voters in the Galt community could see past the divisive and irresponsible tactics once again being used by Pat Maple in his attempt to seek election to the Board. The Galt community deserves better. Please join me in voting for Terry Parker and Danny Denier.

Jim Aschwanden

Vandenburg will represent everyone


In this time of political division, it’s nice to have a candidate we can get behind who will represent everyone. Jay Vandenberg is a lifelong Galt citizen. He was raised here, educated here, and where he’s chosen to call home. Jay is only interested in serving his community. He’s running for the task, not the title. He has put in the hours necessary to familiarize himself with the issues facing us. He has a solid work ethic and strong values. He’s even-tempered and personable. He’s exactly what we need to represent our city. So, please join my family in voting for Jay Vandenberg.

Chuck Nelson