Unsafe intersection


Much too often drivers are not obeying the yield sign above the traffic light at C Street and Civic Drive upon exiting the Save Mart Shopping Center near Carl’s, Jr. Like me, I’m sure others have also been cut off by obstinate drivers traveling too fast and not paying heed to the posted signage. No doubt it should never be a race by the clueless to see who gets there first – traffic laws be damned.

Figuring out who is liable for vehicle accidents of this kind is not a mystery. A driver is more than likely liable for all vehicle damages and/or injuries suffered when disregarding a yield sign and plowing into a driver who has the right-of-way.

It’s a “no brainer” that the city needs to remedy this problem ASAP. I recommend that it’s long past due to reset and alternate the traffic lights so that both sides are not entering the intersection at the same time. Perhaps an arrow sign on the lights would also be helpful.

Sadly, I feel for the police as this is just one of many traffic issues facing this town and it’s only becoming more of a free-for-all out there. Indeed, I’m sure I just heard an “Amen” from many others who also agree.

David Reid

Balanced budget?


After all the concern over our multiyear budget crises, the rush to do something with the Flea Market property to fix it, and then large tax revenue losses because of COVID-19, we have a balanced budget this year? I truly hope the citizens of Galt remember this on the day they cast their vote.

Jay Vandenburg