Existential, incisive, and often deeply reflective, Lily McCalla’s work captures the eye as an expression not only of creative ingenuity, but also of striking wonder within the realm of digital artwork and beyond.

Away from her brush and “virtual” canvas at her home in Galt, McCalla is an undergraduate student at California State University, Sacramento majoring in graphic design. Her emphasis is in illustration, but she also works with photography, typography, user interface design, product design and more. Of course, this stems from her experience within the physical medium and her overall approach to art.

“I don’t like to classify my work one way or another. I like to do many different things,” she said.

From McCaffrey Middle to Galt High, and now college, McCalla has been a learner and creator of art for as long as she can remember. For her, art provides a mental and emotional release in her journey through life. As she explains, “Art is really important to me; I consider it part of my personality – as weird as that sounds. You can use it to put out all of your negative emotions onto a canvas and leave it there.”

The subject of her work comprises a variety of ideas, such as social activism, mental health awareness, climate action and others. However, as she explains, “The broad majority of my work is reflective of me as a person.”

For her future aspirations, McCalla notes that her time in university has helped her see this subject as a viable career path.

“When I first applied to college, I chose to major in graphic design – even though I didn’t fully know what that involved. I anticipated I would switch to a science major at some point, but here I am.”

After college, McCalla hopes to intern as a graphic design artist, ideally within a tech industry such as Google, IBM or Apple. Beyond that, she hopes to display her work in galleries and eventually start her own business.

To view more of Lily McCalla’s work or to submit an inquiry, visit https://lilymccalladesign.myportfolio.com/.