Local artists are opening their studios in the Sac Open Studios Tour this weekend, Sept. 21-22, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The artists have three studio locations in Galt: Barsetti’s Vineyards, 400 Fourth Street, 13536 Marengo Road, and 900 Lariat Loop.

This event is a self-guided tour of artist studios, held over two weekends in Sacramento County. It’s a unique way to see the creative process in action and view an artist’s work up close. The artists in this group have created artworks that are comprised of a wide variety of mediums and techniques, including watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, mixed media, photography, drawing, fused glass and ceramics. They will be opening their studios to the public on Sept. 21 and 22 – the second weekend of the two-weekend event.

The Sac Open Studios Tour free catalog contains an image of each of the artist’s work plus the studio addresses and maps with each location. The Studio Tour catalogs can be picked up at: Lodi Community Art Center, 110 W. Pine Street, Lodi and the Double Dip Gallery, 222 W. Pine Street, Lodi, Barsetti’s Vineyards 400 Fourth Street, Galt, as well as other locations.

The artists in Galt include: Caroline Henry

Henry uses drawing media and other art materials to better see her surroundings and share what she sees, including the humorous side of our world. Henry developed a love of nature and the outdoors that is often reflected in her artwork. Henry’s artwork will be displayed at Barsetti Vineyards Tasting Room at 400 Fourth Street in Galt.

Marilyn Eger

Eger is primarily a plein air painter but, when this is not possible, she works from her own photos as a point of departure. She is inspired by the beauty of the things around her, such as the Acampo landscape, old tractors and cars, curious cattle and flowers from the garden. Eger’s artwork can be found at Barsetti Vineyards Tasting Room at 400 Fourth Street in Galt.

Allison Gerrity

Gerrity enjoys capturing images from her travels in her acrylic and watercolor paintings. Her subject matter ranges from wild burros and grain elevators to baseball parks and camping scenes. Gerrity will showcase her artwork at Barsetti Vineyards Tasting Room at 400 Fourth Street in Galt.

Darrell O’Sullivan

O’Sullivan is an accomplished photographer. His landscape photography represents an “ideal vision of reality”. He strives to reveal nature’s beauty and expression through his photographs. O’Sullivan will have his photography on display at 900 Lariat Loop in Galt.

Sonya and Robert Schumacher

The Schumachers are both ceramicists that hold a master’s degree in fine art and are instructors passing along their passion for the ceramic medium to the next generation. Sonya’s work is inspired by birds, flowers and other images from nature. The Schumachers will showcase their artwork at 13536 Marengo Road, Galt.

JC Strote

Strote is a fused glass artist. She creates work that is beautifully functional, such as bowls, plates, lanterns, as well as sculptural pieces. She melts and blends colors, textures and shapes to create exceptional, one of a kind pieces. Strote’s artwork will be on display at Barsetti Vineyards Tasting Room at 400 Fourth Street in Galt.