Giving back to the community, Arlin Van Groningen, owner of New Hope Dairy, is offering free compost for local gardeners. Distribution will take place this Saturday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to noon. The dairy is located at 9547 New Hope Road, just west of Christensen Road.

“As a proud caretaker of our animals here at New Hope Dairy in Galt, we have been making compost here for the last few years and would like to share it with our community free of charge,” Van Groningen said.

No need to get out of your vehicle, Van Groningen said that he and his family will load your small pickup type truck, buckets, bags or other containers for you – helping with social distancing mandates.

The compost is a mixture of digestor solids and almond shell.

“We use almond shell as bedding for our expecting mothers and the digestor solids are a byproduct of our covered lagoon digestor that produces sustainable green energy for SMUD 365 days a year,” Van Groningen said.

The local dairyman has been supplying the Barbara Payne Community Garden with the lush compost from his digester for several years.

“We have used this compost at our community garden and it is great,” Barbara Payne said as she encouraged others to support the local dairies. “Let’s support our local dairies by buying locally produced milk products.”

Van Groningen wishes all to be safe during these unprecedented times.

“Be safe all, and thanks for supporting your local dairy farmer by continuing to purchase Real California milk products,” Van Groningen said.