Amateur Radio

A very happy Juliana displays her joy as she listens to ham operator Ron, N6GKJ from Lodi, as other children watch and listen.

A group of Amateur Radio operators gathered at the Galt library on June 15 to give kids from Galt the opportunity to enjoy the fun of speaking on Ham Radio. Six children join the group and had a great time speaking to amateur operators in the local area.

This is an annual event sponsored by the Amateur Radio Relay League, (ARRL). The event is held on the third weekend in June. Amateur Radio operators across the U.S. invite kids to speak to other kids or hams on radios.

The local hams that aided in the event were Bob Schuldheisz, K6DGQ; Tom Daley, WA6OSX; Dennis Merritt, W6UHQ and Ron Russell, KG7OR.

Watch for the announcement for Kids Day next year and bring your children and friends to join others around the nation on amateur radio.