Beth Siegalkoff

Today is National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day and is always celebrated on June 9. It is time to enjoy a slice of a pie many of you have probably never tried before. While Strawberry Rhubarb Pie has a long history, dating back to the 1800s, not too many have ever tried it.

Some people, especially the younger crowd, do not even know what rhubarb is.

The rhubarb plant has a long, thick, edible stem with good flavor, but a tart taste. It looks like pinkish red celery. Rhubarb recipes use a lot of sugar to sweeten it. The leaves are not eaten, as they are poisonous (good to know).

Through the years, debate has raged as to whether rhubarb is a vegetable or a fruit. It is commonly thought of as a fruit, as this is the way it is used.

In all actuality, rhubarb is a vegetable.

Personally, I eat just rhubarb pie without strawberries, and strawberry pie without rhubarb. I like the purity of both flavors on their own and not mixed. But, I suppose if I got desperate, I would settle for them in the same pie.

One of our local commercial bakeries makes a tasty rhubarb pie and a yummy strawberry pie. I haven’t tried their strawberry rhubarb pie. I haven’t had to because I can buy one of each.

And FYI – Don is not a rhubarb fan; no one in my family is, so I get the whole pie to myself, unless I share it with a few friends who enjoy rhubarb pie as much as I do.

Oh, the memories were made! I thought Galt High and Liberty Ranch’s graduations were two of the best I have seen in a long time. Each graduation had its own personality, just unique enough to give each a different prospective and, ending with the tradition of fireworks, brought it all together.

The students were so excited to have an actual graduation after this past year of missing so much – the fireworks were the perfect ending. Kudos to both high schools’ staff members for all the planning and work it took to prepare for these two special days.

Congratulations to granddaughter Grace. You and your fellow officers did a great job on your “Do you remember?” speech, recalling the past four years at Liberty Ranch. You got a few laughs from the audience recalling the fun times, and made lasting memories for all.

Fathers Day is in 11 days. Do you have your plans set? What do you give dads who have two of everything? It takes some serious thought. Some families are taking the dads and their family on weekend trips, fishing for the day; how about a spa day? Maybe a movie and popcorn, or a promise to help them clean out the garage or barn, or even do some extra chores around the house.

I think most dads just want to spend time with their kids and grandkids one to one. Everyone is so busy that we forget to enjoy a little time getting together just talking. And then there is always what to eat – go out to dinner or have a potluck of their favorite foods, or bring home take-out food. The dads in our family are eclectic, so it will be a surprise, sort of; I am leaning toward deli trays for sliders but really can’t say much because Don is proofing this column and I don’t want him to know the final decision, wink wink!

Flower of the day: Cockscomb

Recipe of the day: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Dates to remember:

June 14 – Flag Day

June 20 – Fathers Day

June 21 – Summer Equinox

July 4 – United States Independence Day

Until next week - Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.