Beth Siegalkoff

Today honors that in-between child in the family. It is National Middle Child Day. Depending on the size of the family, sometimes more than one falls between the firstborn and baby of the family.

Many believe birth order plays a pivotal role in personalities of children. The middle child syndrome states that the firstborn is often the leader and the role-player. Meanwhile, the youngest one earns the title of the attention getter – the baby of the family. Therefore, the middle children may be left to their self, often ignored and forgotten. Middle children often have to fight for the attentions of their parents and sometimes feel like they don’t belong to the family.

Birth order is known to contribute to the big five personality traits: extroversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience.

Being a middle child, however, isn’t all bad. One personality study claims middle children tend to be artistic and creative as, being left to their devices, they are able to create without interference. Research has shown being left alone to their own devices can actually be a positive thing for middle children. The fact they may not receive as much attention as their siblings, some studies suggest, can make them more independent. The lack of expectations can also help them develop their personality and life skills without an external constraint.

No matter what the personality tests and therapists say, this day is for you, “middle child.” Treat yourself to something special. And those of you, who have middle children in your family, give them a little extra attention, a phone call, or cook their favorite dinner in honor of the day.

If you see a bit of commotion around Galt High and Liberty Ranch, it is their week of business days before high school starts on this coming Monday, Aug. 17. Since all students in the district are required to participate in distance learning to begin school, the students, with their parents, are required to do a “drive by” their school to pick up their class schedules, electronic tablets and textbooks. They stay in their vehicles, and school materials are distributed to them. So, if you are out and about this week, you may want to choose alternative routes to bypass the high schools.

Is anyone out there left-handed? Well, I am. And tomorrow is Left-handed day. It is kind of like today’s Middle Child Day. Middle children have to adapt to being in the middle, and we lefthanders have to adapt to a right-handed world. I am so left-handed, I find it difficult to use the number keys on the right side of the computer, because I learned to type on a manual typewriter back in the ’60s – the numbers and symbols were all on the top row. The only truly right-handed thing I do is operating the mouse.

However, fun facts: lefthanders are creative, imaginative, and are multi-taskers; an average of 12% of the people in the world are left-handed, more men than women; and the United States is second to the Netherlands in population of lefthanders. So, tomorrow, join me in a celebration to lefthanders.

Flower of the day: Chrysanthemums: recipe of the day: Fried Peppers (I’m thinking Chili Pepper Poppers would be really good right now.)

Dates to remember:

Sept. 2 – Full Harvest Moon

Sept. 7 – Labor Day

Sept. 11 – Patriots Day

Sept. 22 – Autumnal Equinox

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.