Beth Siegalkoff

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day. So, what do you plan to do today? I sincerely hope you perform a few random acts of kindness. Almost any kind of good deed will do. I highly recommend you perform kind acts on as many people as possible.

This is a favorite day of many people and groups. People like the idea of showing a little kindness to others. It’s a fun and good thing to do, especially when you do it in secret. And the giver likes being on the receiving end of this day as much as they do the giving. It makes both the giver and the receiver feel good.

Schools have used this day as an educational event and to promote the value of kindness. Considered to be a core value of most religions and cultures, kindness is the act of showing concern for others, loved ones and strangers, without any expectations of any consideration in return.

Studies have shown that being compassionate not only helps other people, but also makes one happy and healthier. People who are kind are thought to have lower risk for heart and blood pressure-related diseases.

Every day should be a day of kindness, but here are some easy ways to spread kindness around on this day: Smile and say “hello” to a stranger, compliment a friend, buy a co-worker their favorite snack, and pay for the groceries or coffee of the person behind you in the checkout line.

Did you know that randomness is a mathematical concept? In statistics and probability, a random event means that it cannot be predicted. What better way to start Lenten season than to brighten someone’s day with an act of kindness?

Did you enjoy the 3-day weekend? It was the perfect weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you were going out of town. Ours was perfect. We had cards for the family with added surprises. And Don and I had Chinese takeout for dinner.

I was very thankful the restaurant where we get takeout didn’t close the whole weekend to celebrate the Lunar New Year. It seems like at least a month since we treated ourselves to Chinese food. It was yummy, and we had enough leftovers for lunch on Monday.

Speaking of the Lunar New Year, it seems appropriate to say goodbye to the year of the Rat (2020) and hello to the year of the Ox. The Rat is the symbol of nighttime action, wariness and is a conniver. The Ox is a symbol of steadfastness, honesty and is hardworking. I’ll take hardworking over conniver anytime.

On a totally obscure note, did you know that since the Mardi Gras parades were cancelled, the people of New Orleans decorated their homes instead? They are beautiful, much prettier and more intricate than the floats and more participants. To keep in sync with social distancing, cars drive down streets to view the decorated homes. Might be a new tradition in the making.

Flower of the day: Phlox; Recipe of the day: Baked potatoes covered with your favorite toppings.

Dates to remember:

Today: Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season

March 14: Daylight Saving Time begins – turn your clock ahead one hour.

March 17: St Patrick’s Day

March 20: Spring begins

March 27: Passover

March 28: Palm Sunday

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.