George is an approximately 4-month-old neutered male Silver Tabby kitten with white markings. This handsome guy is very outgoing and energetic, and he’s looking for a forever family to give him lots of love and attention. George has every bit as much energy and spunk as you’d expect from a kitten his age, and he loves being able to chase around toy mice and balls, or anything else he can bat around and then chase after. He’s so playful, that if he even hears the bell of a cat toy jingle, he perks up and gets ready to pounce on it. And when he’s not playing with cat toys, George could always be found roughhousing with one of his siblings, until they collapse in an exhausted fur pile for a nice and cozy afternoon nap. When George is in play mode, he’s not too keen on cuddling, but once he’s tuckered himself out a bit he can cuddle with the best of them. He loves nuzzling up under your chin, and when he gets his purr motor going you can feel his contentment in your heart. If you’re looking to give a playful, and affectionate, kitten a forever home that he can grow into, please come down and ask to meet George.

For more information about George, please call PALS at (209) 224-0354. We have other cats and dogs available for adoption so stop by the PALS Adoption Center located in Lodi at 1405 W. Kettleman Lane, next to the Lodi Animal Shelter. Center hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and closed Sunday and Monday.