If you’re looking for a whole new way to pamper your pup, look no further than Plush Puppy. Wayne Harding has joined the longtime Galt groomer and is offering a variety of services to help your pet relax and heal just next door.

“After experiencing the loss of my dog in 2015 and then the loss of my cat shortly thereafter, I decided to shift gears from something technical to doing what I love, which is working with animals,” Harding said.

Coming from a background working as a technical administrator at ITT Technical Institute, Harding has been working alongside owner Ruth Cheatam at Plush Puppy since 2017, and in 2019 decided to expand the services he offered. After he enrolled at the end of the year in Udemy for his certification in Reiki energy healing for animals, Plush Puppy Wellness was unveiled.

“Animal energy healing is also called ‘Reiki,’” Harding said, explaining that he taps into Reiki to help dogs relax and reduce anxiety. “I’ve noticed that it’s really helped dogs become calmer and more comfortable. They’re even falling asleep during the attunement.”

Plush Puppy Wellness also offers surface and deep treatment laser light therapy, which is a painless treatment that can help resolve skin problems like eczema and hot spots, and kills bacteria on the skin. The deep treatment is also intended to relieve joint pain from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Or you can treat your pet to a massage – which Harding says is much more than your typical scratch behind the ears.

“You take the time to really work with them one on one and communicate to them that this is a time just for them,” Harding said. “You start working with the skin and then into the deep tissues, while also stretching the animal and working into their core points like their paws and where their claws are. When you’re working with that, they tend to really relax.”

And the pampering doesn’t stop with the pooches. Dogs of all sizes are welcome, but Harding works with cats and other pets as well.

“Searching around here, I think we’d have to go as far as the Bay Area to find somewhere else that offers services like this,” Harding said.

Plush Puppy Wellness is located at 835 C Street in suite 140b and can be reached at 916-667-1759.