Beth Siegalkoff

Sept. 15 is Make a Hat Day. Put on your creative hat, gather your craft supplies, channel the secret milliner in your soul and make yourself a hat.

Throughout history, people have used hats to protect themselves from the elements, for religious purposes, and to denote profession, class and status. These days, hats have become fashion accessories, worn by people to reflect their personalities and style.

This day is for fun. It is very popular day with preschools, kindergartens and grade schools. Early in the new school year, teachers look for fun and interesting projects to break up the classroom routine. Making a hat is just the project to get those creative juices flowing.

So, make a hat for yourself or a friend today. Wearing it is optional, but it is half the fun. I love to wear hats, but I don’t like hat hair. And if you wear a hat too long, you get hat hair. So, you just have to wear a hat all day.

Fortunately, being a woman, I can wear a hat indoors. For a man (with manners), they have to take their hat off when they enter a room. Of late, most men just continue to wear their hat indoors and out. Maybe they are forgetful, or they don’t like hat hair either. A man taking his hat off when entering a room is just another courtesy gone by the wayside, whether they are making a statement, laziness, lack of fetching up or all the above.

And speaking of manners, you know what really fries my pie? The language that people use. The other day there was a group of students outside the library door who were dropping terrible words in their everyday conversation. I stepped out and asked them politely to clean up their speech. And they apologized and they did.

Snap! Just like that. They continued their conversation without dropping foul words. So, you know they know better, so why did they talk that way?

Do they hear it in adult conversations and figure that is the way adults speak? We all know teenagers want to be considered adults as soon as possible. We have got to expect more of our young adults. They are the ones who will be running this country in a few more years and, if they can’t have a conversation without foul words to get their point across, this country is in trouble.

And how do we do that? We set the bar, we use our words appropriately and let them know that foul language is not acceptable for anyone to use. OK, I am stepping off the soapbox for this week.

There are 46 days until Halloween, 53 days until Daylight Saving Time ends, 71 days until Thanksgiving, and 96 shopping days until Christmas. Have I got your attention? Less than 100 days until Christmas. Do I hear a little panic of the computerized shopping cart filling up? Don’t think it is too early? That’s just the procrastinator from last week talking in your head. Get some paper and a pen and start writing. Making a list will calm the panic and give you a plan. FYI – I just bought one of the four Holiday Barbies left on the shelf at Walmart, and it is only Sept. 15.

Recipe of the day: Pumpkin Spice cupcakes

Flower of the day: Dusty Miller

Dates to remember:

Sept. 22 – Autumnal Equinox

Sept. 27 to Oct. 2 – Liberty Ranch Homecoming Week

Sept. 4-9 – Galt High Homecoming Week

Oct. 11-12 – Galt high school district quarter break – No school

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.