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Last week’s Herald Happenings column misstated how many chickens the city of Galt allows on residential properties. You can have up to four chickens on a single-family lot, according to city code, not six.

Also, if you’re considering keeping chickens and you live in Galt city limits, here are some other rules to keep in mind.

— You can have only hens: Roosters are generally not allowed in the city.

— Keep chickens in an enclosure: The birds must be “confined in a pen, coop, cage, run, fenced yard or other enclosure” that is set back at least 10 feet from side and back property lines and is not visible from the street. And no chickens in the front yard.

— Take care of the chickens, and clean the enclosure: Chickens must always have enough food, water, ventilation and living space. Droppings and feathers should be cleared away on a daily basis and stored in an airtight container until disposal.

— Store feed properly: The storage method must prevent spoilage and keep out other animals, like rodents.

— Slaughtering chickens is not allowed.

It’s also worth checking the sales policies of the supplier you buy from and how they compare to the city’s cap. For example, Tractor Supply Co. on Twin Cities Road sells chicks, with a minimum of four birds per purchase in-store. On the company’s website, chickens are offered mainly in groups of 10.

To read the Galt municipal code on keeping chickens, visit (case sensitive).