Beth Siegalkoff

Happy National Rubber Ducky Day! Children and adults just love rubber duckies. It’s a bath time favorite that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Toddlers and young children play with rubber duckies in the bathtub and toddler swimming pools. Adults have rubber ducky races for cash and prizes.

Here is a memory for you – Chances are you know that the Sesame Street Muppet Ernie first sang the Rubber Ducky song, and it became an infamous childhood song in (get ready for it) 1970. Yep, over 50 years ago, the song reached #16 on the Top 100 Chart. It remains one of the favorite childhood songs of all time.

Rubber duckies have a very long history. It first appeared around 1880 and was made of solid rubber and did not float. As World War I and II came, rubber was too expensive, and they were made of plastic or vinyl. Over time, design changes made them hollow so they would float, and a small weight was added to the bottom so they would float upright. However, for all the Rubber Ducky’s popularity, it wasn’t inducted to the Toy Hall of Fame until 2013. FYI, I do have a rubber ducky, and it is decorated with snowflakes.

And the discussion continues. Some changes were recommended to me by some new friends I made while social distancing in line at a local store. The subject of outside decorations came up. It was suggested that the decorations and inflatables be stored, but leave the lights up. Even if they are multi colored. My new friends said that seeing lights gave them hope and were cheerful, and the lights brighten the early darkness in the neighborhoods.

Then I recalled a conversation from years ago with a gentleman from Herald who had an extraordinary long daily commute. He told me he would see the large lit star at the top of our home and knew he only had a mile to go until he arrived home. Seeing that star gave him that extra bit of energy to travel that last mile. And, in these times, we need all the extra bits of energy, hope and joy we can get.

So, if you are of the mind to make someone’s day and you still have your outside lights attached, turn them on or set the timer. You never know who you will affect by seeing your lights. As the song goes – “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine ….”

One month until Valentine’s Day. Got any ideas to share on how to celebrate? Normally we would be making plans to go somewhere or making dinner reservations. But this year will be a bit challenging. We may all do well to celebrate the day by supporting our local eateries by purchasing our favorite take-out dinner and watch the Travel Channel for ideas we can use next year or, hopefully, in a few months, or even the DIY channels for ideas to make additional improvements to our homes.

And not to be forgotten – there are 345 shopping days until Christmas. Just in case you are wondering.

Recipe of the Day – Peppermint Brownies; Flower of the day – Tithonia (Mexican Wildflower)

Dates to remember:

Jan. 15 – End of first semester of 2020-21 for the high schools

Jan. 18 – Observation of Martin Luther King’s birthday. Federal, state, county, and city offices and schools are closed.

Feb. 2 – Groundhog Day

Feb. 7 – Super Bowl LV

Feb. 12 – Schools closed to observe Lincoln’s birthday

Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day

Feb. 15 – Schools closed to observe Presidents Day

Until next week – Be strong, be courageous and make a memory,